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Heroes of Order & Chaos – 4 red flags that show you need to change something

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These are the red warning flags that indicate that you need to change something in your game in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

1. Not knowing how to last hit/farm

This is something that we wrote about before, and it is absolutely the number one most important thing to know in Heroes of Order & Chaos. Not knowing how to last hit will automatically make you a bad player, no matter how good you are at doing other things. You can read our guide about last hitting here.

2. Flaming/raging

This is almost always a case of an unexperienced player. If you see someone that rages in games, simply ignore them. Block them out because raging back will just set their fire burn brighter and make them even more angry, a huge fight will start and before you know it you are more focused on thinking the worst possible insult for them than on the game. Don’t flame, please.

3. Complaining about KS (kill steal)

This is somewhat similar to the last entry. Being upset about KS and raging because somebody stole your kill is also a sign of an unexperienced player. As you play more and more, you experience will tell you to let it go, first of all because you can’t change anything if you call the other player a stupid moron, and secondly because you learned how to play as a team. You stopped being and selfish and you are happy because your team got the kill, not you.

4. Feeding (intentionally or by chance)

Feeding is something that will bring your team a loss. It is basically when you die, a lot, and it is called feeding because you “feed” the opponent who kills you with gold and experience. You definitely need to change your feeding ways. Play safe, don’t rush head first into a crowd hoping to get one kill. Better, wait for your chance and get it. It’s better to have 5 kills and 0 deaths, than 20 kills and 15 deaths.

  • DudeItsMe1

    thanks for the advice its good ^_^

  • Teachers .Pet

    I’m planning on playing as a healer the entire way through, is experience evenly shared if I grind in a group? Or does the last hit still get a bonus to exp?

    • Saros7

      This game is complete shit when it comes to healer classes…. Ereferns Healer? Seriously? It’s one damn skill cannot heal for shit and can only activate when the hero is getting the shit beat out of him/her… And Grey Witch? ONE healing skill! And it’s an “Or” skill, what does this mean? It means that you either damage ONLY ONE enemy with the spell OR you heal your hero friend… For a shitty amount, too… Both skills need to be an DOT that heals your allies and deals damage to your enemies!, and need to cover 25 meters!!

      • Saros7

        Oops… My rampage wasn’t accurate…grey witches third skill only heals and does not damage at all… It’s still a shitty skill though… Requiring you to wait in order to get a dam heal worth a battle… And it’s still an “Or” skill you cannot heal the Grey Witch AND your allies! You can ONLY heal yourself or another hero!

  • Saros7