Order & Chaos Duels - questions

A lot of updates have been released in the past few weeks, but Order & Chaos Duels didn’t get any update. Yes, there were a lot of talks regarding the update, but until now it didn’t come. But that is about to change. Get prepared because the most epic update for Order & Chaos Duels is here on iOS. Read more about it below in the text.

It is here guys, the wait is over, it has arrived, the epic update for Order & Chaos Duels has finally arrived. We talked about it a lot and it has finally arrived. The new update you have all been waiting for in Order & Chaos Duels is here. And it is better than ever. We told you it is going to be epic. We didn’t lie to you. There are tons of new cards, which we talked about earlier, there is a new expansion to the campaign, and a lot more things too. Also, the biggest thing that is new in this update is the Tower, a totally new Multiplayer Arena. Here, the only thing that will bring you victory is your skill, nothing else. You can see more of the Tower in Order & Chaos Duels in the video below. Check it out because it is really, really awesome. And maybe you can tell us how you feel about this update if you have the time to do so.

  • Sgamer200

    Nice but most of us care about order and chaos online and suggestion ideas