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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Update 1.6.0 Changelog

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It’s finally here guys, the new update for Heroes of Order & Chaos is out and live. Read more about the changes below.

– The Daily Mission is removed. Instead of the Daily Mission there is an event book.

– Now, you can use a second player skill next to the first one. This will help the diversity of the game.

– Now you are able to log into your Facebook account or Game Center account.

– The game now supports Indonesian language.

– Brand new heroes. Kortav, Daliana, and Kotun. Fighters and a Guardian. We hope you like them. They don’t have their skins yet, but they will be coming.

– Introducing new items in Heroes of Order & Chaos reduced the incredible amount of Crowd Control that happens in team fights. This will make the game more about strategy than just stunning or snaring.

– There are four new tablets in the game. The Tablet of Piercing, the Tablet of Toxicity, the Tablet of Serenity and the Tablet of Bloodlust.

– Some balancing. Now instead of dealing a bonus of 60%, heroes with magical attack deal 50%. Also, the movement speed from boots is counted as base movement speed.

– Some hero changes. Most importantly, you guys were naging about this forever, so you got it. Goldfur has been nerfed. Discordance is totally changed with a bigger cooldown, making it harder to spam and now you have to carefully choose the moment when to cast it. Also, a lot of players said that Acridix is way to weak for the game. That is not correct, the correct thing is that he is extremely difficult to play with. Now this has been changed and he is made a lot easier to play.

– A lot of bug fixes were implemented. Some of them are changes to Valox, Akartu and his Fury bug, Spider Queen and Jaguar and Shadow tablets.

– A lot of graphic changes and improvements were implemented.

  • Jenny Avendaño

    Thank you for making Goldfur useless, all of us knew he needed to be nerfed but really 1.5 seconds?, in battles that’s an eternity, so while you are there why don’t you slow demon hunter’s rapid shot or Nuutt’s Survival skills?, I guess no right?, All those noobs out there that never figured out how to kill Goldfur must be glad now.

    • Awesome

      I agree with you I’m really disappointed for Goldfur’s nerf maybe he was a little bit OP, I really DISLIKE this update, I really can’t believe you listen all that people that want to change goldfur and make weaker, and was easy to beat him: magical defense and that’s all, now some heroes like DEBRONEE should be nerfed too to make a balance in that way just 2 intensify should be ok and could be hit when is doing that skill do you think so? Please fix fox, he is now USELESS! A 28.000 useless hero… OMG I can’t believe that yet.

    • Awesome

      Realmente me caes bien 😀

  • BBM

    Wasted 1100 runes and 40 k emblems on lottery and still didn’t get Kotun… I require to know what the algorithm for the lottery wheel is… I’d better not find out that it’s a scam. Because Gameloft seems like a wealthy company 😉
    Please e-mail me the algorithm of the lottery and I will not look into it any further!

  • samy

    how to have elf chrismas skin ??? i wont im

  • samy


    • awesome

      You have to wait until december to buy it :c

  • roge

    i would like you to explain how is it that u did a change in acridix what exactly did u changed? cuz i feel it the same xD

  • darkaiz96

    If there is Nerf ,then don’t make the hero too good at first .if not,we all wasted our money!hope u consider my feedback:)

    • Vanessa Yensen

      Totally agree, must of us bought Goldfur because he was very good but now after a few months it gets nerfed to a point that is useless, I mean Pala and Inquisitor took more than a year after their nerf this is incredible, people in GAMELOFT are not doing their job, give us a final product not one that you will change later.

  • Heroes of Order & Chaos v1.6.0 Added Three New Heroes

    read more here http://www.techconnectph.com/heroes-of-order-and-chaos-v1-6-0/

  • David

    When will this update come to Android?

  • Luis Lopez

    The new hero in the lottery better be a limited time cus I literally won hella revival runes nd nothing else there’s no chance to win him you guys better take him off nd but Gai back

  • BossinAZ

    How do I lock my tablets in place? the tablet of toxicity has a bunch of odd energy numbers so I don’t see how I’m supposed to lock it.. It has 11 order energy and 5 chaos how can this be done?

  • bananajoe

    Jeder der sagt ein hero ist schlecht!! Kann nicht spielen!! Jeder hero kann super sein wenn man ihn spielen kann .. natürlich auf acridix 😉 super Spiel! !!!! Daumen hoch

  • Shawn Bills

    Last night I Just burned about 5k runes trying to win Kotun. It isn’t possible. I now have way too many revival runes and xp potions. And, winning the gold ticket is hard. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get him unless he ends up in the shop.