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Heroes of Order & Chaos – New tablets coming out

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Games always change. And it is a good thing, it brings improvements. The same goes for Heroes of Order & Chaos. Recently, it has come to mind that some tanks are having defensive problems and that other hero related issues have been occurring.

Because of that, Heroes of Order & Chaos has decided to bring something new into the game. It’s not really new, but kind of. We’re talking about new tablets for the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos. Mana hungry heroes will also benefit from these new tablets as it will help them a lot in their mana consumption. Others will be pleased with these new tablets as well.

They are really good, just wait for them and enjoy them when they  come into the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos. As the new tablets are coming out very soon, we want to know how you feel about the old ones.

Are they good enough for your gaming, or do you not like them that much? We know that they have their issues, not everything is perfect. That’s a fact we all have to agree with. But, we think they are actually not so bad at all. Quite good actually.

When these new ones come out, you could compare the old ones and the new ones and maybe then tell us which of them you think are better. Go now and start writing in the comments section below how you feel about tablets in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

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  • deadvelocity

    I really do enjoy the idea of tablets and what they add to the gaming experience but I must admit there are some that may have become obsolete in the recent months with the addition of some very useful new ones. I would recommend either deleting some dated ones (which I’m sure would cause problems with people who actually use these) or maybe just update with some improvements. Add more to the abilities of what it does or increase % or even just reducing Cool Down on some. *Basically Tune up the oldies to be as awesome as the newbies lol*) *deadvelocity*