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Heroes of Order & Chaos – MC Stop Hammertime

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As you all know, Heroes of Order & Chaos is going to hit a huge update soon. There will be lots of new heroes like Daliana – The Shadow and Kortav – The Bloodletter as well as many others. One of those other heroes is going to be soon revealed, in a short time you will see his true face, but until then, you’ll just have to wait it out. And while you wait for this new update, let’s play a little game. We will put a shadowed image of this hero here, and you tell us what funny names you have for him. If we really crack up about some name, we will reveal him sooner. So instead of having to wait five days, you may wait two days and see what he is all about. So start straining those brains guys, come up with a really funny name for him, and if it tickles our funny bone, you will get to know him sooner than usual. And next to a funny name, maybe you can try to guess what his abilities are going to be. Tell us, like, what would his role be and what would he do on the field of battle. Just a fun pastime until the moment of the update you have been waiting for arrives. And when it arrives, it’s going to be really, really good. Just wait, and see what happens.

MC Stop - Hammertime


  • bilal

    name: Pillar

  • Meraldo

    Kotun-patriarch of primates

  • cjman12345

    clawer-the wood destroyer

  • cjman12345

    hammer-the steel hammer

  • cjman12345

    throws wood at people, smacks hard against the head, bites of there arms causing bleeding over time damage, and jumps then stuns. lol

  • Luis Lopez

    Crusher the pillar master

  • Azen

    Obviously a chicken holding a brick

    In all seriousness it’s a monkey with a cannon

  • Josh

    he looks like a troll with a bazooka or a long hammer. He looks like a yordle

  • Josh

    Cucka-doodle-ergh_The Chicken Troll

  • Steve

    Dude-“Breaker of stuff”

  • awesome

    it´s like a beaver with a bazooka!!! right?

  • awesome

    I really get a surprice with kortav and daliana in what they look like, but i think it will be look like brown beaver with a bazooka, it will be as support as klhint :D, really don´t think he will be fighter or even guardian

    • awesome

      its a tank :O now i need it :3

  • Serkan Terzioğlu
    • awesome

      OMG where do you found it O_O

      • awesome

        it looks OMGGGG!!!! :OOOOOOO i Need it its too much awesome *-* its very different what i had in mind …and i tought it will be the hero of these that i will no like but its now i want him more than daliana O_o kortav its not as awesome as this :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sgamer200

    A monkey holding a bazooka

  • Vanessa Yensen

    I know is not related but do you have any event planned for Cinco de Mayo?, it would be great if you give us some discounts, launch a new banner or why not release one of the new heroes. If not could you do something for the 4th of July?, thanks.

  • Briant Phoenix

    please fix ingame random crash

  • Meraldo

    It means that uptade gonna be at tuesday

  • Xarams

    BadluckMonk- the Columner
    Is your funny bone moving now 😀