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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Deleting old tablets or not?

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Recently we have talked about tablets in Heroes of Order & Chaos. This is due to the release of certain new tablets that will be coming soon. These new tablets will help Tanks in a defensive way and will also help mana hungry heroes in lessening their mana consumption, as well as other heroes who will benefit from them. Generally, you like the idea of tablets, many of you said that they are one of the better things in Heroes of Order & Chaos. But, there is one thing. A lot of you stated that the old tablets are outdated and that they should be either changed (updated) or completely deleted to make room for the new ones. The deleting we think would not work because there are still players who use them and deleting those tablets will strip them so they would be unhappy with it. What do you think should be done?

  • Markus M

    First of all fix the game crashing. Fix the bug that throws u back to the menu from a running match. Fix the maps that cause u to stuck on invisible walls. Then you can think about to change some tablets. I think there are too many choises. Make 1-3 tablet for each class that’s enough. Make the game clear without too much unnecessary options.

  • Luis Lopez

    I’m mad I’ve been waiting all month for this update nd you put the new hero in the lottery really you should’ve just left Gai the guardian in there no one uses her

    • Meraldo

      Yes thats what i think too.Laurelai have to be at the lottery not Kotun.i never thought that i am mad too.at least hope other heroes gonna be good and not useless.

      • Sheniquay

        How is a hero bad and useless if it’s in the lottery? It makes it more exclusive, harder for people to counter, due to it’s elusiveness and also more valuable. You just need luck to get one.

    • Sheniquay

      I disagree with your opinion about no one using her. It is difficult, for some to get her, but people do use her.

    • Vanessa Yensen

      I agree we waited and we waited and you gave us nothing, changing the icon for a hero that is not really available?, at least with Laurelai we had a one week only purchase, yes she is fine but you make all that show about the new heroes and at the end you just release an old one?, shame on you GAMELOFT

  • In my opinion you can leave them in the shop. But I would really like to still see some changes so bad tablets might be played more often

  • Hoot

    First Fix goldfur, second fix game bugs, now you can talk all you want about that topic about tablets and no, don’t do that

  • Chantima

    U should update the old ones, make them better because I think the new ones are better than the old ones. I still use the old ones and, think they have become a bit ineffective compared to other new tablets.

  • Deadvelocity

    Modify the old ones to be awesome. Increase %, lower cool downs, or whatever just do something to the oldies to be awesome like the new ones. Altering the old ones will have less angry gamers frustrated at change. ooooo change it’s a scary thing to some people.

  • Skyler

    What I was thinking was that you’d let use sell the tablets? 😀 Please? I know it’s a 30% chance of you guys letting us but would you be so generous to allow us? Please?? :3