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A few days ago, we talked about how vigils make Tanks OP. Basically, they make everyone OP. A lot of players are unhappy with them, and for several good reasons. The first and main reason is, well, because they make everything to strong. But we are going to make a small list here of the reasons we think players really don’t like vigils in Order & Chaos Online.

1. Making everything OP – This doesn’t need explanation.

2. Rune item – A big problem with vigils is that they can be bought with runes, and runes can be bought by money. So if somebody is really rich and doesn’t mind spending a few thousand dollars on runes, he is going to literally destroy you in combat, unless you are also a rich guy who spends a fortune on runes. One of the main reasons players don’t like them.

3. Exclusion – As they are mainly used in PVP combat, there are literally huge groups of people using a lot of these vigils. This excludes all the players that don’t use them or just don’t have money to buy them, making the powerless in PVP combat. Also a big reason players don’t like them.

How do you feel about them? Personally, we don’t like them too much, but they bring a steady flow of income so they are not entirely useless. But on the side of gameplay, we don’t like them. Would you like to see them removed from the game?

  • Synra

    I just started playing Order and Chaos online yesterday. I don’t know a lot about this game yet, but all I am reading here is “we are happily selling an item that is without a doubt a ‘pay to win’ item, and it’s especially effective in PvP.”

    You have just sold me on never ever touching PvP in this game, and I am worried that I won’t be able to do high level PvE content without to buying these things.

    The other day when I was level 2 or so, another low level player walked up and challenged me to a duel. I accidently hit Yes, but I fought back as best I could. He absolutely destroyed me. At the time I thought “maybe he was higher level than he looked” or “he probably knows the game better than me”. But now I am wondering if I lost because this guy was pumped up with these Sigil Steroids.

    • Hithiquen

      My advice would be to enjoy the leveling part of the game and then when you get to level 70… quit. After 70 game is disaster. The players wandering around with all pro gear have spent hundreds of dollars on it.

  • Sgamer200

    Best way to fix that is so that they only heal 2% instead of 4% in arena, that would fix the biggest issue, and make buffs more expensive and harder to get, an other good solution would be, that the more stamina you have, the less it affects your health points, so people cant have like 60k hp, ofc it should be different for different classes

  • YoMomma

    Lmao, I didn’t know vigils were this bad lol… Anyways, OaC now is mainly a Pay2Win game as you just have to be a rich dude with no skill to be able to dominate in PvP, vigils are a nighmare for many people, but an added bonus for some… :3 Kudos to those who play fair and don’t use vigils to have a competitive edge over their opponents -.-
    -Some random dude who decided to comment on this topic that he was unsure about…