Order & Chaos Online - iOS UPDATE LIVE

Today is a very special day for Gameloft. Today is the date that marks the third official anniversary of Order & Chaos Online. A very special day indeed. How the years go by…

Well, in order to celebrate the third year anniversary of Order & Chaos Online, there is a celebration that will happen in the near future. Many new things and events will happen during this celebration of the third year anniversary of Order & Chaos Online and we are sure you will love them a lot. We can’t give you the details about the celebration of the third anniversary yet, but as soon as the date of those celebrations comes really close we will give you a hint about what will go down and what spectacular events will unfold upon your very eyes. Huge things are going to come, amazing, spectacular, stunning (literally), and they will just blow your mind. Gameloft gives you a huge thanks and appreciates your dedication and your passion to stick with Order & Chaos Online this whole time, through all the trouble, through all the good times and through all the bad times, the ones who are still here mean a lot to the team. Yes, this game is far from perfect, and yes, there have been times were you felt betrayed. But if you are still here after that, know that you are loved gamer man. And keep on playing Order & Chaos Online, you never know when things may change.

  • Xellz

    Every one is so mean to the devs :/ there trying their best to improve the game. Believe it or not gameloft is a company and need to make money even if it is through pay to win. Looking forward to the update 🙂 thanks gameloft

    • tank


    • Hithiquen

      Well good news for gl, one player on AF server did the lotto over 3000 times this week

  • o&cFreak

    Dear Gameloft, think of something new. The mist traders thing is so boring… Make a new story, not a “storyline” to unlock new dungeons. The fish mounts are pretty cool (the mounts in next update). Altho, please make DRAGON mounts. I mean the dragon mounts with WINTS, so the dragon can fly. For example, you buy an egg, (less than 10 runestones). And you need to take care of it until the dragon borns. Ohh and more cooler idea will be if the dragon borns as a baby and it grows to adult. Pretty cool idea, well i think so.

    • Sgamer200

      There needs to be get the eggs in another way! I dont pay more than 1 time for an ios game!

  • o&cFreak


  • yy4nn

    yeah the dragon idea is good and you should give a good gift to people that was there in the beginning of order and chaos online

  • Sgamer200

    I bet same things like last 2 years with more pay2win

    • Hithiquen

      In order to equal the amount of money made through in app purchases, the monthly fee would prolly have to be like 50$

  • Sgamer200

    I have a kina good idea to win more money and still decrease the pay2win would be that you make the game free to play BUT LISTEN: there should be 2 kinds of servers, 6 free2play/pay2win Servers with nick shop and many in-app-purchases and 6 Premium servers where you have to pay monthly but there is no rune shop, lottery and in-app-purchases and the content is more fair, what do you think about this idea? Sry for my awful english

  • Sergey

    1.Исправьте пожалуйста систему добавления игроков в друзья,а именно сделайте подтверждение на добавление в друзья( если игрок захочет пригласить меня в друзья у меня должно отобразится подтверждение того, что хочу ли я чтобы мой персонаж был у него в друзьях.Если я нахожусь не в игре то другой игрок не может добавить меня в друзья.)Допустим я не хочу чтобы другой игрок видел когда я нахожусь в игре.

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    Извините что не в тему)

    1.Correct system please add players to friends, namely make confirmation on the addition of friends (if the player wants to invite me as a friend I should show proof that if I want to make my character was in his druzyah.Esli I’m not in the game then the other player can not add me as a friend.) Suppose I do not want another player to see when I’m in the game.

    2.Please game places appearance

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  • YNN

    dsl gameloft je sais pas ou vous demander ca alors jva vous le demander ici j aimerai savoir si on a le droit d acheter et d utiliser plusieurs tablettes pour monter le metier de 100 ou on a juste le droit de monter de 100 une fois?