Order & Chaos Online - NEWS

The wait is almost over guys. The new update for Order & Chaos Online is in it’s final stages, the last finishing touches and tweaks are being applied and the update is preparing to launch. The most probable date of the launch of the update will be somewhere next week, probably on the 1st of May, but it’s not fixed, it’s just probably gonna come out then. Lots of cool new things we already talked about (Order & Chaos Online Update)will be introduced into Order & Chaos Online. Just another week guys, just another week and the update will finally be launched. Wait it out and see what’s gonna happen.

  • Rnovak20

    I can’t wait a d see what’s all in it

  • Sgamer200

    Excited, hope black market isnt too much pay2win

  • Derek

    Seriously this games developers are just ignorant and careless to not have implemented a SEARCH function in the Auction House… It wouldn’t be hard at all either, and I have enough experience to know that any excuse not to. Is a naive and lazy employee that isn’t looking into the best interest of the community or the future of their company. And yeah all this pay to play crap is ridiculous, make more aesthetically pleasing additions to the game in regards to pay to play….don’t allow Power Abuse from in game purchases effect how quickly we all start deleting this game. I hit my first 70 and immediately realized there was no reason to play mostly content after 70.

    Good luck Gameloft.

    • Sgamer200

      What gameloft understands: blablablabla add search function in action house blablablabla

  • Flytet

    Very Excited! :)