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In the last few articles we have been talking about punishing cheaters, exploiters and grave gankers in Order & Chaos Online. There has been quite some noise about this because there is an explosion of cheaters, exploiters and gankers in Order & Chaos Online. Well, they have always been present in the game but recently they turned another page and started to multiply, fast indeed. We don’t like it and we don’t like the image it brings to Order & Chaos Online. This is supposed to be a fun game, not a troll fest with cheaters, exploiters and grave gankers. It really saps the fun out of it. The punishments that are handed out for these things are to soft, at least we think so. A five day ban is not enough. But then again, we had some players suggest 60 day bans, which is a bit too harsh. It shouldn’t be overdone. But, we think we see a perfect balance. Stripping the players of their gear. This is a cruel, yet very effective punishment due to a number of factors. First, the intimidation factor. Because players work so hard for this gear and play countless hours, being afraid that they will lose it is an effective strategy. Second, if the players get stripped of their gear, they will be very weak and unable to attack anyone. How do you feel about this effective punishment? We think it is a very good idea.

  • sayw0t

    What are you on?
    Seriously what the hell is this rubbish about, it should not be overdone you say, and then mention gear stripping. lol.
    The more shit I read by you, the more I’m amazed at how this game even survived until now.

    Here I’ll throw a hint at you on how to fix this problem – FIX IT, don’t freaking find solutions which you think are “perfect” or “effective” go and fix the game, add a timer before somebody can engage fresh spawns on graveyards or something.
    Or are you the only one left in so to say O&A team to milk cash from the last loyal players who still play the game?

    and no, I’m nowhere near being one of these rule breakers which are not even rules, I’m only a level 43 archer and I already regret spending money on this game by just reading what you “GUYS” which is probably only you write in here.

  • Runes

    Runes sale please! and more item sales! Anyone knows how to achieve souls not in legend?

  • Rnovak20

    I agree on this punishment and the effects for it. we should fix the problem right away and [get back on the update and make sure everything in this update happens, but we need to know what’s all confirmed with this update to make this happen. let fix the problem here and get back on the task is at hand as well, the punishment I agree upon with the gear stripping, but ban in hours wont do a thing and ban for same amount of days would do a little lesson learning but they would do the same thing again, this what I think should happen
    1. ban them for 5 days with a warning letter
    2.if they not learn there lesson, then ban for 2 weeks with a warning letter and a letter that gear will be stripped from them
    3. if they don’t learn that, then 30 days of ban and letter stating the ban and character remover from that realm into a new realm without there gear and weapons.
    this what we should called the punishment effect, this will show that fairness in the game should be in order and the cheating, and ganking stiops here.

  • Sgamer200

    Why not just make so that you cant attack 4+ levels below or above ur level and no pvp at grave yard and special big teams for worldbosses, that would fix all the ganking problems

    • Nuno

      Good idea. That or move world boses from pvp zones.

  • Taken

    Ripping people off their equipment is just crazy and should never be invented. People pay for their equipment and spent hours of getting it. So ban them or invent a new system that providesa timer of about half a minute before you get pvp-buff again. At the moment you already have pvp-buff before you can even see anything else than the loading screen while players are able to attack you. So delete the fast pvp-buffing at the graveyards or remove any graveyards within pvp-areas to prevent and even completely remove any grave gankers. Easy solution! No bans! No ripping and even stealing of players property for which they pay money which even you yourself will receive!

  • Rawr

    If their names has been reported by repeated ganking or cheating. They should suffer a serious consequences e.g
    1st Offense= Mail them a Warning Letter in game
    2nd Offense= 3 days ban
    3rd Offense= 7 days ban
    4th Offense= 30 days ban
    5th Offense= rip their gears and 30 days ban
    6th Offense= Permanent Ban

    Tis aint cruel if ya keep on doing bad stuff.A disciplinary action must be performed to eliminate bad players!

    • pyrotechbigjames AF server

      This is good. Irk about the whole gear stripping.. it’s hard to judge or grave kill someone cuz after first or second death at a graveyard they go inactive from pvp even in a pvp zone. Its not like they can’t wing out to a new location either. Perhaps make a pvp realm for all pvpers that want to pvp everywhere

      • pyrotechbigjames AF server

        As for the other things. If caught give actions 1 through 6 gear strip for cheaters exploiting etc.

        And to add for gym killers. I like the buff idea. Give a Lvl 20 a chance to kill the person that killed them with a buff that can only effect player to player for defense reasons lasting 3 min even after death. From being killed multiple times.

  • Ariiella /

    I agree with Sgamer200 because I feel that gear stripping is a little too harsh, but make it so that graveyards are no pvp zones and that players cannot attack those more than 5 levels below them. Also make it so that when trying to capture a mount, the spell is not interrupted by attacks.

  • Ariiella /

    But many if the lvl 70s have gear so epic it is impossible to get and they cheated the gear, then they can just cheat more gear, which will just make the punishment pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a level 29 monk who probably knows nothing, but I cheated once in Arcane Legends, another mmorpg, and they took my gear, but I just got new gear by using the cheat again. But then I realized that the game wasn’t fun with cheating so I quit and I’m determined never to cheat in Order and Chaos.

  • Jonas

    I am a very good and seriuos player and I never do something wrong. trust me, but this is a stupid idea. How can u ripped equiptment of player who gave u money for this? very very stupid!!

  • Dominic

    Seriously are you guys retarded meaning game loft they will be very weak and not be able to attack anyone are you joking or just retarded mages can use magic and how is that going to stop them because to me if I was doing that which I am not I would just then make several accounts and mail all the stuff to a character kind of like people do with the gold they make wow out of all the things that you retards think of banning them would be a good start until the next update anyway

  • Dominic

    And the only person you guys should be ashamed of is opyour selves for allowing that crap to Evan be accomplishable in the first place just hearing that from you guys makes me won’t to get screening so I can screen my device from my computer and play wow what a joke you guys are.. O well to fix the problem will just take their items that won’t stop them it will only make them find a sneaker way of doing it which I mentioned before and at least announce the day of when the update is comming out not this soon crap

  • Dominic

    And put a 30 day ban on my goodness

  • Dominic

    The most anoying thing is your gold exploit because there are people every day giving away at least 1000 gold constantly to every person they see so there’s something else you will have to look into

  • James Basaldu

    Pvp gy buff, if killed by player, respawn at gy with: attacking players recieve 0 armor/reselience and respawned player reflects 1000% dmg for 30 sec

  • CrimXIII

    I believe a more strict punishment for cheating is reasonable. But not for ganking. I dont do it personally, but i think it adds character to the game. I get a rush when i run through arkans field with a lv 30 and the gankers add that excitement. I think if it could be added somehow that if ganked in pvp area then your character automatically gets the sneak skill for like 20 seconds or so that should prevent grave ganking while keeping the suspense of the area alive.

  • Dominic

    At least post when the new update is comming out or Evan a time frame

  • Teddy Bear

    WTF!!… WHY DO GANGERS GET THEIR GEAR DELITED JUST CUZ THEY KILLING NAABS OMG UR HIGH OR SOMETHING???? people spent real money on their gear and dont want it to be delited, why not just make the people that kills to many people gets a redd death skull or a mark and they can’t atk people when they have it. make it that when they get the mark they get 100% more dmg when someone attacks them for like 3-5 weeks

  • retardor

    by we think this is a good idea u mean you think it’s a good idea and ur mommy!

  • Bravedexter

    i will never buy runes anymore after reading this i know what kind of person you are!

  • Tahtorak

    I don’t mind the gankers so much, most of em suck at pvp and they are easy kills for someone at the same level as them. I once took down a team of 2 lvl 70s and a lvl 62 by myself just using a partially t3 sin. As long as a few decent players hang around a pvp area most gankers stay clear of the low levels.

    That being said, I think gameloft does need to relocate the pvp barrier in the desert. Too many low lvls get permanently stuck in the cemetary because some asshole sits there and continuously kills them. I also think that ganker guilds (like Notorious on Arcadian Forest) should be disbanded and all the members sent warning messages via mailbox.

    As for hacking, speed hax and god mode should be a harshly punished. Hacked runes and gold are just as much gamelofts fault as they are the hackers. Gameloft is forcing players to spend more money to get good gear, on a game they already make money off of in the app store. The overpriced runes just encourages hacking. I think what Gameloft should do is incorporate a daily reward system that involves free runes. A player could visit the game and recieve a daily rune, and after a week of daily visits the could recieve 10 runes. That would be 16 runes a week people and it would greatly discourage hacking. If the daily amount of runes isn’t enough for some people, they could just buy them with itunes credit at a significantly cheaper price.

  • Chris Roper

    Perma Ban for cheaters. No mercy.

  • Maidhion

    I think it’s a good idea. If the punishment isn’t harsh probably nothing will change. I also don’t think gameloft deserves all the abuse of the earlier comments. I think most gankers do it because they just like annoying other players, rather than for the achievements, and it does add a lot of hostility to the game atmosphere. At lower levels it’s not so bad because you’re busy doing quests and only occasionally go into pvp zones, but at level 70 you end up spending a lot of time in them, and end up getting killed over and over again by a handful of pro players with all the best gear. Maybe as an alternative there could be some kind of daily pvp event in a certain place where people could choose to participate, like a sponsored guild war or something.

  • Joe Kroening

    here’s a good suggestion, have a 10 level buffer in PVP zones. as in, a lvl 70 can only attack someone lvl 60+, likewise a lvl 50 can attack someone from 40 to 60. that’ll solve the problem pretty well since its usually the noobs getting wiped out

  • Jake Chambers

    Gear stripping is a little extreme, there’s a simple rule that has been instilled in us all since we were children. Bad behavior is not to be rewarded, I think low lvl players shouldn’t count for pvp stats and a simple gold penalty will at least halt some players

  • Taylor Eyerley

    definitely strip people who disobey any rules. nobody learns nothing these days… I hate my generation

  • Bubbles

    Like really you cant take someones gear the reason we play this game is for PvP there went even rules saying people can’t Hank and peoples gear they pay for that gear. In which u make money off us paying for Ur stupid runes for gear and so if u think u can just take away things we buy then we won’t buy or play Ur game and eventually you won’t have any players and so on. If u fix all the bugs and crap like the game crashes like at least 9 times a day and my keyboard freezes and the map positioning is so off. Fix all this crap we pay way to much money for this crap 8$ for the game and if u want to win pay an additional 100$ for runes. Dude I didn’t even pay 100$ for wow. Honestly I’d rather have a sub then pay for runes its crap. Ur lucky there isn’t another memo on the market like this one. Its a good game but u guys need to fix all of the crap not taking gear. And surely not making us pay for stupid crap the runes need to go. I’ll pay 5$ a month for a sub that’s it.

  • Diplomatix

    A lot of these problems you mention are simple fixes with coding. It seems a little extreme to rip gear from people for exploiting flaws in the game, when you can make changes in the game to prevent this in the future.
    The worst ganking problem in the game lies with the world bosses, in which the fight is tough finish because gankers attack those that are attempting to fight them. Simply moving them to another area or allowing war free with world bosses could create massive fights with 50 to 100 fighting in unison for the same cause. You could even raise the difficulty over time if it became popular. I think they best way to solve these problems is to think like coders and not like judges.

  • Aidan R

    Gear should not be stripped. People could have spent $100s on getting their items. A better solution would be to give players a buff after they die from pvp that gives them a 5 minute no-pvp buff. This buff should then have the possibility to be canceled for players who are there wanting to pvp and died doing so.

  • Yukaly

    That could marry in the game and share the item with your partner and gold

  • Starrpony64

    Rawr has it right, but you have to consider everything, there will be people who will make noobs just to get so done they don’t like banned, for instance, finding them in a pvp zone, and attacking, which will inevitably have the noob killed by the higher lvl player, and as they think they are being ganked the response will be to fight back, not knowing it’s a noob.

  • Garrett

    I dont agree with this at all, people spend real money and of course real time on getting there gear. Dont be greedy, some people payed up to $15 to get this game, So to raise the prices of runes you should expect people to hack them. Yall are making good money off this game regardless of rune hackers or not and now for gankers, plain and simple, make all graveyards non pvp. If your in a graveyard you cannot be attacked. If your caught cheating speed/god mode hacks, they get 1. mailbox warning, 2. 3 day ban, 3. 7 day ban, 4. 10 day ban and 5. 30 day ban. Rune hackers, leave them alone untill you lower rune prices because were not all rich like justin bieber and can spend 15 for the game and then 100’s on runes to get better gear that we cant get without runes or without investing a whole month just to get a cool mount. I spent $30 on runes and only got 2 mounts and that was it. Money down the drain for 2 mounts? So dont be greedy and find a free way for us to get runes or lower the prices.

  • Alex

    Do what world of Warcraft does. Make spawning to graves faster to give ppl time to get away and make their characters invisible for a short period of time (that can go away instantly if they attack) so they are able to get away safely

  • Cecilia

    Yeah you shouldn’t banned them forever just like 7 days ban from hoc . You can’t take their account . They been working on it for years maybe . Just ban them a few days that’s all.