Order & Chaos Online - new update

Recently, a lot of players said that the tanks in the game are way too much OP. They say that they basically can’t die, and that they are generally really, really overpowered. Now we think that those players are dead wrong.

First of all, tanks are underpowered if anything. They really need to be buffed, and that’s true. A lot of players have been fooled by this and they suddenly started to think tanks are way OP, their not. The thing that is causing them to seem overpowered to some players are the buffs and the vigils.

If you manage to stack buffs with a tank in Heroes of Order & Chaos and you have a vigil, you are a force to be reckoned with. If not, basically you are just an average or below average power hero with a bleak role of soaking up all the damage. That is all that is behind the supposed OPness of the Tanks in Order & Chaos Online. Stacked buffs and vigils and nothing more. 7

The tanks by themselves are not very special, but there’s a little catch. Because the tanks need these things to be strong, the stacked buffs and vigils, their role changes significantly. Well, not the general role, but the way they are played. Next to soaking up all the damage, your main goal is to stack buffs and get vigils. Cause basically, without them you are almost zero, and with them you can be really strong. So some players know of this and all they do is stack buffs and in that case, maybe you can call tanks a bit overpowered. But, only because of the buffs and vigils, tanks by themselves are not at all overpowered. That is just a misconception.

  • Sgamer200

    Im sure you mean oac online not heroes!

  • This is written terribly.

  • Name

    Whats being said here? The pally is still way too OP. Tanks should be tanks not an unstoppable soloing high damaged fighter.

    • lol mcfinniss

      Health and buffness beats anything 67% of the time, in game or IRL

  • Azen

    With the ghost king shield, tanks can shield slap for up to 15k! I don’t care if that’s with buffs or not, it’s still blatantly OP! Btw I think you meant OnC online not HOC xD

  • INOS

    Milan… your rly a noob. i have a full epic gem mage, with fan. The Skill from tank Shildslap, is 3.5 sec. cooldown… im very good in Duells. i lose vs Tanks with Mzl shild and Ghostshild… when im skill fire. The shildslap from a ghostshild Tank can make 13k-15k without full epic gems… only for a example. My mage make without elementar Phantom 12k-13k dmg… sry but say me nothing about op. Ice mage are the only one where can beat Tanks. The other class loses… Tank must have longer cd from shildslap!

    • tank

      I’m a 12/16 tank with a frosted barrier shield. My critical shield slap is only 5k… I also have all level 3 gems and higher in everything. Are you sure about the 12-13k?

      • Tank

        I mean 13 to 15

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, they are op. It’s fact. Melee attacks do no damage to them, and to kill a pro tank, it took me and 7 other Mage friends. It took 30 seconds to kill. That’s NOT op?! (We were all 70).

  • Skullstomper

    Tanks op my ass yeah it’s hard to kill us but our crit is shit as with our dps , tanks
    support to be able to take massive damage that’s what tanks do.