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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Hero half price fake sale

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Scams in these kinds of games like Heroes of Order & Chaos are not uncommon unfortunately. They aren’t pleasant for anyone, not the players, and we don’t see how it would be pleasant for the scammers. In some weird way, they might like it, but we don’t see how.

Recently, we heard that some players are complaining that they received a notification about a sale that involves heroes but at half of their regular price, but that the sale is actually not active. We’re here to tell you that it’s not active cause it doesn’t exist. We don’t know yet who is involved in this, but as soon as we find out, be sure that we will tell you. When we get more information about this fake sale, you will know. Meanwhile,

  • Vanessa Yensen

    I think this event was scheduled in the past, planning something like the Sale of Easter 2013 and maybe you regret of those big discounts and made a step back. I really doubt you find any guilty person, but you should compensate all the users for those false hopes your game gave us, I saw a lot of people buying runes like crazy waiting for the discounts to appear.