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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Daliana The Shadow revealed

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Her identity is finally revealed. Another hero from the soon to come update in Heroes of Order & Chaos is now revealed and you can finally see how he, or more precisely she, looks. She stealthy, she is deadly, she is brutal, she is DALIANA – THE SHADOW. According to the name you can literally guess her role, yes, she will be an assassin. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Check out how she looks in the image below. What’s the best word to describe her? We think it’s deadly. What’s your guess? What do you think is the one word that describes Daliana – The Shadow?

Daliana - The Shadow


  • Hoot

    Finally!!!!!!!!!! :3 I imagined her very pinky but she is black :3 ok I lov her nowwwwww I want this update nooooooow plz don’t make it longer D:

  • Awesome


  • Awesome

    I thought this hero was a Mage a fairy, but she is a assassin *_* I want her nooooow release her with less than 28.000 cost! Omgggggg!!! I can’t wait moreeee plzzzzzzzzzzzz update it tomorrow :/

    • Jenny Avendaño

      28000 emblems?, listen to yourself, it will be 560 runes, maybe after a month you could get it with emblems but even then I don’t think it would be less than 28k

      • Awesome

        I know but can I dream a little bit? XD

  • drunknova


  • drunknova


  • drunknova

    I WAS wrong

  • drunknova

    darn I told everyone about pangeon shadowstrike
    and tartan

  • drunknova

    why do u give fake info

  • pretrail

    nice games but not free games to web

  • haripax

    I wish that the lore explains maybe some kind of relation with dark elf, maybe her sister or something like that

  • 1370297686

    Good, i’ll buy she

  • Froboy282

    Its not fake they got plaqued fang blood letter and fox right….. Only people i checked