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Heroes of Order & Chaos – BS Guild tournament finals

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The tournament organized by the BS Guild in Heroes of Order & Chaos is coming to an end. All the teams unfit to be the champion have been eliminated, leaving the two main candidates to battle it out for the win. The 2v2 finals of the tournament organized by the BS Guild of Heroes of Order & Chaos are consisted of two very strong teams. Those two teams are the Team Zen and the Team Pain, two amazing teams that both have the power to force their way through masses of other teams earning a place in the finals of the 2v2 tournament organized by the BS Guild of Heroes of Order & Chaos (and that “battle” is totally fair, not on the ways that are not allowed in the game). You can even check out the finals for yourself, to see how it played out in the end. No spoilers, we won’t tell you what team won and what was the decisive team fight, you just going to have to see it for yourself. And believe us, it is no piece of cake, the two teams battled it out hard and it was a real grind, a true trench fight which is appropriate for the finals, any finals basically. In whatever sport you don’t want to see a blowout in the finals, you want a real hard fought battle. And you have that here. Go check it out yourself at this link you can see blow.

Watch the finals here: http://gmlft.co/2v2HOC

  • sh*t

    when the upate will come i dont care about f*ckin tournaments!!! sh*t

  • Darkaiz96

    Ya i want the update asap

  • Omg_Guy

    omg! I have the demon hunter

  • Bored.

    Update? any news? Whats to come or when around? Im bored.

  • Zelderoth

    Myfitegre is the best. Just thought I’d let you all know. 🙂