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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Acridix applied fan art

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We really like fan art, it really shows that people care about the game. But when it comes to fan art that falls in the applied arts category, it’s even more important to us because you really need to do something more with your hands, not just draw something. Yes, draw is pretty difficult, and yes it takes effort, and yes we really appreciate it, but when it comes to applied fan art, it just falls in another category. For example here, an applied fan art of Acridix. Don’t you think this takes more effort than drawing.Heroes of Order & Chaos - Acridix applied fan art

  • Gundam

    I can’t get in to order and chaos game everytime i login it says request time out so are u guys doing maintince or something can’t get on

  • Awesome!

    Great! That Fan art it’s awesome!