Order & Chaos Online - new update

Lately we’ve been talking about cheaters a lot, cause they are annoying, mean, unfair, and a lot of other bad things that shouldn’t be said here. We just don’t like them, and judging by the feedback you gave us about them, you don’t like them either. And that is completely normal, in the end you are the ones playing the game. But, there is another way that players cheat without actually using any cheats in the game. It’s called grave ganking, and there are also some other methods like attacking players when they are fighting bosses in dungeons where they would have two damage sources and eventually die. Really, why do you do this. You are just fooling yourselves, not anyone else. In fact, this shows that you suck at Order & Chaos Online. You can’t play so you try to be good at the game in other ways, ways that are not allowed and not correct. How would you feel if someone did this to you, huh? You wouldn’t like it that’s for sure. There are punishments for these players in the form of a temporary 5 day ban, but a player suggested harsh penalties for these kinds of players. His suggestion was that those players who use these kinds of cheats, exploits and other things that violate ethics and the rules of the game should be facing a 60 day ban and be stripped of all their gear. Do you think this is too harsh, or is it a great way to punish them for doing such bad things?

  • Raizen

    Gear stripping too harsh

    • dissApoint

      I’m not even sure if that’s written by a real human or is this a joke lol.
      Instead of actually making changes to the game and fixing it where it’s broken you are asking this crap
      Is this all gameloft has ? Seems like you guys gave up on the game and only have that strange guy asking
      Questions just to show that there is somebody behind the game still around

  • Hakanor

    gear stripping is the best to punish evil players

  • Sgamer200

    Lmao “grave ganking shows you suck at order and chaos.” . If Gameloft cared about grave ganking, they would change the game and not allow it.
    The grave ganking fine I get that, but c’mon the rest of it is pvp, you’re in a pvp zone ffs.

  • http://batman-news.com GKerry

    60 Days for grave ganking is too harsh 3 Day max, but the cheating maybe not. Even though I feel the urge to play may go away after 60 days of ban, you will set a good example.

  • Taylor Eyerley

    gear stripping is absolutely, without a doubt, not too harsh. IMO, people who work hard, grind everyday in dungeons to obtain gear, aren’t typically the idiots who are playing like, well… idiots. I would love to see gameloft take action and actually follow thru with the idea. gear stripping would eliminate annoying trolls, and ultimately would balance the game out. we all know there is people who have multiple 70s cause they boost their alts. so eliminating the childish behaviour by harsh actions would scare the community straight!!! PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS IDEA, FORGET THE BAN, GEAR STRIPPING IS AMAZING. (you can ban them too, but please gear strip lol)

  • Rnovak20

    I suggest this because they need to know the that you serious enough that you can be punish for poor gameship and cheating and unfairness to the other players that are pushing to level up there character and fairness to the other players . if u don’t take drastic measure to show that cheating and ganking is uncalled for then it wont be fairness in the game itself. the serious that you are the more of the lesson being learn and cheating and the ganking will stop dead in its tracks. you got bring back fairness to the game. this cant be a blind size matter. the bigger the problem the harder for is to be fairness in the game. take care of the problem the fairness would be equal to everyone on order and chaos online. I dnt think my suggestion is too harsh. Its more of a lesson learn process that can stop the problem dead in its tracks. it would be a good sign right there to end the ganking and cheating in the game as well with the other suggestion that I mention about too. It would make this game a huge success about it.

  • #Sten:)

    NO, NOO! HELL NO! How can we complete the acevement, such as “kill1000 players in pvp zone” 60 days of ban is too unfair, i think that the grave killing is bad but the max ban should be 10 min cuz what if you auto attack a low lv cuz he attacked you first!


    Grave ganking is for noobs that cant kill

  • Kristin Bennett

    I have an idea, how about you put a limit on how many times you can kill a specific player in PVP for a specific amount of time? Easy fix.

    • Kristin Bennett

      Oh that’s right, because then people wont spend money on shields, -.-
      Make it fair please.

  • Rawr

    Yeah, they do deserve a 60 days ban. Its not a harsh penalty as if they are reported for many times and they keep on repeating it, its not normal anymore therefore an immediate action must be done which is banning them for a month!
    -Gankers are pathetic actually. They dont deserve to be a player of Oac! So inhumane and childish behavior. I just dont get them, what are they trying to show? Are they happy if they kill ya repeatedly? I know that pvp areas has no limits but as humans/players, we do have limits.
    They Should GROW UP, THINKnACT like an adult (mature ones)

  • Ariiella /

    You guys don’t know what it feels like when lvl 70 players armed to the toenail with epic armour surround you and other low levelled players at the cemetery and just kill and kill again…You say you’ll ban them, but has it really happened? I’ve reported these players so many times and nothing happens. Most of them are greedy for the pvp award money, and some are just freaks with nothing to do. It’s really not funny, just because it’s never happened to you doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing!

    • Rawr

      I agree @Ariilla , this ganking nonsense isnt funny at all and it shouldn’t be tolerated!

  • •Prince• (AF)

    Gear stripping would make most people quit coz even killing someone once in pvp areas is considered ganking in most people’s eyes. As for the noobs here that think gear stripping is amazing that’s maybe coz they are noobs. They don’t know how hard it is to craft all epic gear farm for new epics and obtain them. So many runes are spent to buy both dungeon and pvp tabs to get 6/6 on both. Gear stripping is too much without a doubt and all it will help do is lose customers. Maybe a 1 week ban without any gear stripping is the perfect ban for gankers.

    • Ariiella /

      And you don’t know what it feels like to be trapped in the cemetery and killed repetitively

      • Garrett

        If your getring ganked, sign out for like 2-5 mins and walah. Dont whine when there not doing anything illegal. Its not there fault your weak. Gameloft needs to make graveyards a non pvp zone

  • OACplayer

    The worst thing in oac is the exhaust, 3 or 4 runs in dungeons than exhausted . And some players like me , cant buy rune, nothing , cause in my country is not allowed , i really would be happy if the exh wouldnt exist or make it possible to go us more than 3 or 4 runs in dungeons, plesae….

  • Teddy Bear

    why do the gangkers get banned it’s not like they doing something iligel why not just make the areas non pvp area at the place they die and make a teleporter that can teleport them off that place, just saying, u guys banning people and deliting for no reason as i got delited for no reason om my main -.-

    • Garrett

      Good point, grave gankers arnt doing anything illegal. It may be annoying and unfair but thats gamelofts fault for making graveyards a pvp zone. Shouldnt yall just fix that and leave legit players alone? They have campers on call of duty and there annoying but treyarch and infinity ward isnt banning them because its legal play. So this is yall fault gameloft, so fix it.

  • Teddy Bear

    i have a good suggestion!… why not make it that people that kill to much like gangers if they kill low lvls
    they get a mark that makes them lose 50% more dmg by people atking them for like 1-3 weeks

  • wompmaster420

    how about if you’re getting ganked log off for a little…queers…

  • Lightning*

    So gear stripping is too harsh?! Boohoo you know whats harsh not bring able to play for three whole days because some frustrated virginface decided to wait in a cemetary and kill respawning players before the screen is even loaded if it was up to me i would lower their levels also just to hive em a handicap lol

  • Garrett

    Lol, there only worried about hackers/cheaters because there taking money out there pockets. They dont care about us. They dont care about you getting grave ganked and they dont care about people with speed hacks or god mode, there worried about the ones hacking runes because thats where they make there real profits. Every company is money hungry and will do anything to keep that money coming in. So they will act like they care about the other stuff so they seem like a fan loving community but all they want is the rune hackers. Thats why many grave gankers have been reported but very few have actually been punished.

  • XxBluexX

    why is ganking bad? Ok so think about it this way people who gank are people who spent time in the game (or money like gameloft prefer) and dont they get the right to do whatever they ant….. ? WTF are you guys even saying

  • -Sweetness-

    I agree with BLUE

  • Admin—>> XxBluexX

    hey guys evryone join syndicate :)

  • Rob Elliott

    why not just do what wow does and make you unkillable and cloaked for 30 seconds after rez… it would allow players to escape a grave ganker and take the option out of the game.