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A lot of players have, and this goes on for a while not just in recent times, trying to cheat their way into being good at Order & Chaos Online. Not only is this cheating and absolutely not fair towards the other players, it also doesn’t work (well, it works for a short time and then it gets sanctioned) and the punishment is usually worse than the reward you get from using such foul tricks and cheats. Yesterday, we have found out about some players using gem exploits and we have already written about it. Basically, those players will be punished by a 5 day ban, although we think it should be 10 days, but again something is better than nothing. Unfortunately, these kinds of punishments and writing these texts might help on short term, although we think it won’t work for a short while either, but they won’t do anything to drastically help the game get rid of cheaters and exploiters. It is a bad habit and it is primarily wrong. It is wrong because it is a direct violation of the Terms of Use and it is wrong because it is not fair towards players who have invested their time and money into Order & Chaos Online, and then you just come along, click here, click there and here you go, you have all the most epic equipment and the strongest skills in Order & Chaos Online. But, this won’t change anything. Banning you won’t change anything. Just think of this, when you are enjoying your epic equipment, know that you are possibly the worst thing that can happen to a game.

  • Rnovak20

    I hate cheaters in the games, because it shows poor gamingship as well. it showing that some players are willing to take short cuts and avoid quests and go into pvp zones and take down anyone that are doing quests, This is uncalled for! I think you should put a 60 day banned and email stating to the players account to as well for the cheating in games, plus strip them of the gear as well that use for cheating as well, I will be a better punishment for cheating as well. this cheating in mmo rpg is uncalled for and I think you should put in a special team to over see this and stop the cheating dead in its tracks. by doing this it will teacher the cheating players not to cheat and put fairness back into the game itself.

    • Sloth977

      Yes rnovak!

  • Sergey

    Сделайте нормальный шанс дропа вещей эпического ранга и то,что можно приобрести только за руны сделать доступным для всех игровым путём.И будет счастье!
    Ответьте мне пожайлуста на такой вопрос:фармить данж (сайлен) полгода по 5 раз в день и ничего кроме душ не выбить – это нормально???
    Я ненавижу читеров ,но понимаю их,потому что то ,что трата времени в никуда раздражает ещё больше.

  • Sergey

    Make a normal drop rate of epic things rank and that can only be purchased for the runes to make the game accessible to all putem.I will be happy!

    Answer me please: this question: farm dungeon (silencing) six months to 5 times a day and nothing but the shower is not clear – is this normal???

    I hate cheaters, but I understand them, because whatwhat a waste of time going nowhere even more annoying.

  • Sgamer200

    Think like that, if a cheat or glitch is easy and possible for you to do and you know how to do it, im sure you will try it, the thing is you have to make the game uncheatable and fix all glitches possible so players cant exploit it so easly

  • Sergey

    Вы добавляете новые данжи ,которые сложнее предыдущих ,при этом и шанс выбить что то в них стоящее делаете низким! Если многие думают ,что это делает игру интересней и сложнее ,то на мой взгляд это делает игру бессмысленной!
    Я не пишу, что всем в игре всё и сразу должно достаться,но как сейчас-лучше и не играть.

  • Sergey

    You add new dungeons, which are more difficult earlier, with a chance to clear and what is worth doing in them low! If many people think that it makes the game more interesting and more difficult then in my opinion it makes the game pointless!

    I do not write that everything in the game all at once should get, but as of now, it is better not to play.

  • Hithiquen

    This not totally related, but there still a problem of people grave ganking, also ganking at teleports. I also frequently get attacked in non-pvp areas like the auction house or generators temple. Not to mention the world bosses. I get that having the world bosses and mech dailies and epic mounts be in pvp areas makes the game more challenging, but I just a little tired of being attacked all the time. I not really a pvp person, I prefer questing. Thx

  • Ariiella /

    There is a person with a username called Gameloft saying that players need to give him their usernames and passwords because all accounts will be banned in 2 days time for a security sweep. If not handed in account will be lost. Is this true, or is this a terrible scam? I really want to know RIGHT NOW because players have already pm the person and handed over their accounts, it’s all over the global chat. I don’t want to give my account to an unknown person, nor do I want it to be sweeped off! This player is from the Arcadian Forest server, thanks.

    • Utgar

      He is a fraud, anyone great enough of a fool to believe it deserves to lose their account to his scams. I too have seen this, and reported him more than once. He should be banned in due time. Don’t trust people claiming to be from Gameloft unless they have the GM tag, or are otherwise easily distinguishable as such from normal players in the chat.

    • Rawr

      Gameloft clearly stated to all players of Oac not to give your accounts and passwords in the game! (Terms and Conditions and Tips on loading screen)

  • Ariiella /

    Also, ban this guy called Sin, he somehow found a bug that allowed him to attack in non pvp zones like towns and teleport stations and he just kills people and you can’t attack back. Then he laughs in the global chat. There is a group of players known as Roarrks Gang who stay at Arkans Field and PK lower levelled players at the graveyards in order to complete the Crazy Butcher achievement. Fully geared with epic armour lvl 70s just ringing the cemetery and killing all those who spawn there.

  • OACplayer

    The worst thing in oac is the exhaust, 3 or 4 runs in dungeons than exhausted . And some players like me , cant buy rune, nothing , cause in my country is not allowed , i really would be happy if the exh wouldnt exist or make it possible to go us more than 3 or 4 runs in dungeons, plesae…