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Loralynn the Blessed – Heroes suggestions

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Pure support is a role that is mistreated in many games, as well as Heroes of Order & Chaos. Because of this lack of pure supports, we decided to make one happen. We will present her here to you now, and you can tell us how you like her.

Her name would be Loralynn the Blessed, and her story would go something like this: “Born as a princess she lived in the king’s castle for the first 12 years of her life. All of that without her mother, as she died at birth. When she turns 12, she is walking down the street among the peasants and sees a young boy sick, barely walking. She comes near the boy caressing his cheek, as the boy suddenly feels better. The boy has been miraculously cured. The little girl, amazed by her newly found talent, leaves her old father, the King and goes on a journey to heal the sick. As she is traveling the lands for many years healing the ill, she comes across an injured hero. She heals him and they fall in love. One day a vicious monster kills the hero and Loralynn swears she will avenge him. She promises she will offer support to any hero in need. And that is just the beginning of her journey”.

Read her abilities below:

1. Healing touch – Loralynn heals an ally near her, increasing his health regen as well.

2. Eternal beauty – Loralynn’s incredible beauty inspires nearby allies. They have increased health and mana regen, as well as increased attack speed.

3. Angelic aura (passive) – Passively increases the armor, movement speed and attack damage of nearby allies.

4. A heart of kindness – Sacrifices half of her health to shield an ally, making him immortal for 5 seconds.

  • Omgitswasabi55

    I actually want this hero, it seems like a great addition. Although, one thing I’m worried about is that she can only heal, like she might need a slow effect or a dot to help the other heroes kill the enemy.