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Jarlkin the Cursed – Heroes of Order & Chaos

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A bit of brainstorming has been done recently about some issues, and a pretty good idea came to mind but it was not about a problem, it was about a new hero in Heroes of Order & Chaos. We think it is a pretty cool idea and you will probably like it. Read below what it is about.

The character would be called Jarlkin the Cursed. His story would go something like this. “Born as an outcast, a half orc half man, he is shunned by society, cursed at birth to eternally roam the earth completely and utterly, alone. As the ages go by, his hatred for humanity grows. He wanders the world seeking to destroy the evil force that cursed him, but he is not able to do that. Everywhere he goes, he cause repulsion, making his anger grow. Finally, he finds his luck in fighting. He starts training in the hope of eventually becoming the strongest fighter in the world, with the dream of gaining the respect of others, even if it must be through a river of spilled blood”.

His skills would be:

1. Knuckle sandwich – Hits the enemy with a vicious punch causing damage and silencing him for 1.5 seconds.

2. Eternal rage – When this skill is activated, Jalrkin the Cursed gains instant attacks speed, attack damage and movement speed. This skill lasts 10 seconds, and each enemy struck under this skill gets bleed, losing a portion of his health per second.

3. Outcast (passive) – Being an outcast his whole life, Jarlkin the Cursed gains passive armor for every strike he gets hit. One percent of the damage done goes to his armor, this effect applies every 7th hit.

4. The curses might – The curse that Jarlkin has been holding onto his whole life, next to the repulsion of everyone near him has a second effect. This effect can be activated by Jarlkin making him very strong. When this ability is activated he deals constant AoE damage to everyone around him for 10 second , even his allies. He also gains a huge attack bonus which makes his basic attacks deal huge amounts of damage.

Tell us how you like Jarlkin the Cursed in the comments section below.


  • Tonberry

    Seems cool

  • disqus_QqWQS7fo9b

    make him a tank

  • Cunningtroop

    He sounds awesome. I know his story says he has a hatred towards everyone, but attacking allies would cause a lot of problems. Fox does a lot of aoe damage but heals his allies instead, would be completely unfair. He should definitely be a tank.

    • cunningtroop

      By tank i meant bruiser like Paladin and Valox