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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Roles

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Heroes of Order & Chaos, and many similar games, are role dependable, meaning that the players must fit their roles in the game in order to achieve victory. If the players fail to live up to this task, then the game will probably be lost. There are many roles in Heroes of Order & Chaos, and for those who don’t know what they are we will go through them here.

AD Carry – Basically, you have it in the name. Attack damage carry, meaning he relies on auto attack and he is there to carry the game, or kill as much of the other players as possible. The AD Carry deals the most damage, but they are often called glass cannons. Being a glass cannon means that you can deal huge amounts of damage, but are pretty fragile when it comes to the defensive end of the game. AD Carries need to be shadowed by a support. The support must always be by their side so the AD Carry won’t die that easily, and it also helps the support survive.

Support – Again, you have it in the name. A Support player is on the battlefield for the sake of supporting other players. If you don’t know what support means (if you are a foreign dude who hasn’t spoken English in 10 years or a kid learning to read) it means to help out other players. You are basically there to heal and cast slows, stuns and other aiding things.

Tank – A Tank is a player whose main role is to have hue amounts of survivability (armor, health, magic resist) and charge into the front rows of battle soaking up all the damage allowing the other players to survive longer and do their roles. Playing a Tank is one of the easiest roles to play because you basically have to do nothing complicated, just charge, auto attack and stand there until you die or everybody else dies. Another roles Tanks usually have is tanking turrets. Tanking a turret means that when there are no minions to protect your players when attacking the turret, you charge in front of the turret first, drawing the damage of the turret to you and then fleeing before you die, in that way allowing your teammates to do damage to the turret.


  • Acadius

    So why is a paladin playing two roles?????? Tank and AD carry? because he sure isn’t fragile!!! as you explain as glass and he’s capable of huge amounts of damage.

    Tanks should be tanks not unstoppable attackers. Balancing is needed.