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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Jarred

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The hero suggestions are back! We have been slacking of lately, being busy with some other things about this update and some different stuff, but recently a great idea came to our mind about a new hero in Heroes of Order & Chaos and we want to know how you are feeling about him. read down below for more information about this new hero.

His name would be Jarred, the Trap Master. He would be some kind of tanky fighter, but with traps. Anyways, read more about his abilities below.

1. Bear trap – Places a bear trap on the ground that lasts 25 seconds. If somebody walks over the trap he takes damage and becomes rooted for 1.5 seconds.

2. Poison trap – places a poisonous trap which lasts 1 minute. It is sort of placed in a line so if someone walks through that line he will get hit by a poisonous arrow and take damage over time.

3. Hunters wit (passive) – Being a hunter he has to be cunning. So, he gains bonus attack damage whenever he is in the bushes or unseen by the enemy.

4. Kill shot – After concentrating for 1.5 seconds, he shoots his target, dealing huge damage and causing bleed. Bleed makes the target lose a portion of its health each second for 5 seconds. If he is previously unseen by his target he deals double damage.

  • Acadius

    Love the idea of a trapper, perhaps he has a to pet fighter with him? that would be unique and pretty cool.

    While playing today I came up with an idea… I think we should make verbal taunts, like banners they’d have a cooldown so they’re not spammed and think they should cost a good amount of runes/emblems as banners do to be able to unlock this feature.

    Reply if you like the idea

  • Balduin Berger

    Thats the sort of heroes we need. There are only few junglers right now and i dont like most of them but this idea sounds great!