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Heroes of Order & Chaos – Down to the basics

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Always, when playing a game you have certain skills that are considered basic and the ones that are considered advanced. But, most often those basic skills are the ones that can win you the game. The advanced ones are the ones that can turn the tide of the battle, but if you master the basics, every game should be an easy win for you. There are several basic skills in Heroes of Order & Chaos, and in other similar games. The down right first skills you learn when you start playing the game are the most important ones and they are last hitting and pushing. Let’s be honest, if you don’t know how to last hit and push in Heroes of Order & Chaos, and basically any similar game, you don’t know how to play. But, not everything is lost if you don’t know how to do that. Every pro was once a beginner and they had to learn those skills from someone. So now, we are giving a chance to all you beginners who are new to Heroes of Order & Chaos to learn something about pushing and kickstart your Heroes of Order & Chaos rampage. First of all note that these are very simple so you don’t need much time to learn.

Let’s start with last hitting. Last hitting is the single most important skill in Heroes of Order & Chaos. If you don’t last hit be prepared for a fail. It is actually very simple, you just need to have surroundings awareness in the game. The thing you need to do hear is hit the creep when you have a sure one hit kill. Basically, stand near them, or hit them just a few times to speed things up but don’t hit them too much, then wait for your creeps to slowly drain their health and when you feel they are one hit from death, hit them and get the kill. In this way you will get more exp and what is most important gold. You will probably need some time to practice so do so before starting any serious game.

Now, pushing lanes. A very important skill as well as it is the one that is used to finish a game off. When laning, kill of creeps and harass your opponents when you can. When they are at low health they  will probably go to their base because they don’t want to die, and when they do that, push. Follow your creeps and slowly destroy their tower. Each time they go to their base, hit the tower. The damage will accumulate and it is just a matter of time when the tower will fall. Repeat this process each time they go to their base and their lane will fall apart. Destroy one lane, and you have more chance to win. Destroy two lanes, and it is almost certainly a W in your record and an L in their record.

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