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Goldfur guide

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As you all know, Heroes of Order & Chaos has been updated a few days ago and two new heroes were released, Acridix and Goldfur. Today we are going to talk about Goldfur, if you want to read more about Acridix return tomorrow and do so. Ok now, let’s go. Goldfur is a new hero in Heroes of Order & Chaos,and a pretty strong one too. A mage (ranged of course), support and a very good burster.

He is a bit OP, expect a nerf very soon. Let’s talk about his skills now, read about them below.

1. Enchanted Lyrics – There are two parts of this skill. The first one is the heal which allows him to heal himself or any ally standing nearby. The second part of this skill is the stun which allows him to cast a curse on any opponent and if he hits that opponent in the next 30 second he will be stunned (the opponent).

2. Discordance – Also a heal/damage. It is an AOE skill just cast it and everyone around you will be affected, allies healed, enemies damaged.

3. Battle Tuning – Basically two passives in one. Depending on what is going on around you you can use either of the two. The first passive allows every ally that stands near him to take reduced damage if they are healed by his skills. The second passive affects enemies in a way that they take more damage from Golfur’s skills based on their maximum HP.

4. Living Notes – Again, a heal and a damage. He casts a note that bounces four times massively healing any ally that it hits, and massively damaging any enemy it hits as well. The hits also affect movement speed, increasing allies and decreasing enemies.


He has many roles so you can play him they way it suits you. If you are a classic supporter, he is for you. If you are a great assassin, he is for you. The only thing that he isn’t is a good defensive hero. His only escaping tool is his ult which slows enemies down, without that he is basically without the possibility of escaping. But, he is an excellent one against a lot fighter so don’t be afraid to charge into battle if you are doing well, you will surely get kills.




  • 123Ludi123

    Hi when is this new update coming out for Android in Finland

  • Arcadian

    Don’t nerf him! You finally make an OP mage and now your going to nerf the guy? Lame. Nerf the pally, hes a gaurdian not a fighter.

    • Jenny Avendaño

      I totally agree with you, this is madness!, you finally give us decent Mage, let us enjoy it for a few months, if you most do something is buffer him because he’s powers drains a lot of mana, I will hate you a lot if you nerf this guy :/

      • Balduin Berger

        There are tons of good mages if you know how to play them. But an op mage just destroys the game and make it annoying. Btw pala got nerferd just so that he isnt op any more. Basically you can be op with every hero when you know how to play and you got some skill

        • Jenny Avendaño

          Please don’t offend, but You really call that a nerf? they only reduced Rush range and Unwavering Faith duration, he stills being as strong as always and it took a lot of months before they decided to make a change on inquisitor and pala, but after just a week they want to nerf Goldfur?, like a person wrote in top, Shouldn’t they test their heroes before releasing them?, GAMELOFT most add an option to ban heroes like other MOBA’s does; that way if people don’t want to deal with X hero they could ban it at the beginning avoiding lots of nerfs. I agree with you on the mages, there are tons of good ones, it’s just that it’s not fair for the people who bought goldfur for the same reasons that they want to nerf it now, if they wanted a weak mage then they should made the changes before launch and no a week later when all the people already gave them their money :/

          PS. Sorry for misspelling English is not my primary language >_<

          • Balduin Berger

            I have to say its much easier to play against paladin these days and i think the nerf is pretty good for me. But i have to say that they should really add the option to ban heroes :/
            I dont want to say bad things but i could imagine that the thing with goldfur is a mean marketing strategy. They make a new op hero and make it only avaiable with runes aso everyone buys runes and then they nerf him.

            Btw english isnt my primary language either 🙂

          • Jenny Avendaño

            Sad but true, I never buy new heroes so quick but when I saw he’s power I couldn’t resist. I don’t know if GAMELOFT really pay attention to our comments and suggestions, I never seen they respond to anyone here and there are many complains and problems, but all they can think of is on new ways to empty our pockets and no new ways to improve the game :/

        • Arcadian

          I agree that every charecter is good if you know how to use them, but a guardian who has a great amount of defense already and then when someone builds him up as a fighter, then becomes OP because of his ultimate plus, defense, and killer build. Not too many charecters can take him out even with defense break and whatever else you want to put as your own build to conter-act him. The fox’s weakness is that he’s a mage!! he can be killed easily!!! Dont nerf him, especially anytime soon after i just bought him. A pally has no problem targeting him and taking him out in two seconds. And Jenny’s right, MILAN/GAMELOFT doesnt really seem to reply here… Need some feedback of what they’re thinking on this.

  • Bloody Cupcake

    WTF are you idiots?, you don’t try your heroes before you release them? because then why are you talking about nerfing so soon, nerf pala he deserves to be nerfed just like you did with inquisitor, don’t give us great stuff and then make it garbage.

  • k

    Make the MP consume for second skill increase exponentially, when he keep use using his skill. Otherwise, HOC is just a clicking game. S

  • G

    Really hope you nerf his second skill…otherwise he is ok. Reduce the cool down activation to 3 secs, that was stunning or silencing is an effective way to shut him down.

  • Raymond

    Please back goldfur on his original cooldown of his second skill (discorance)
    He is useless when you change his skill to 2seconds cooldown on his DISCORDANCE…

  • Jhon

    Put a nerf pleassse

  • lol 434

    Hi i would like to recomend goldfur’s second skill back to its original skill. what i mean was that in using second we can use it until we run out of mana. im just concerned becoz there is still many OP heroes that HOC didnt not make OP it isnt fair to a mage hero to not become OP. maybe there are ppl who are not approved what i just posted in here about goldfur but there are still many ppl who like using goldfur’s second skill continously but stop when u run out of mana. i would really like to suggest to bring goldfur’s second skill back to its original skill.