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Chasing in Heroes of Order & Chaos

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Today we are going to talk about chasing in Heroes of Order & Chaos. If you think about, it is a thing that every player who calls himself a pro needs to have in his arsenal of skills, as chasing can help you get the kill and, if done properly, not get killed yourself.

There are a few basic pointers here and you should follow them if you want to be successful in chasing down your opponent. The first thing is not to overchase, and by overchase we mean don’t try to chase your opponent all the way to his base as you will probably end up dead and with no kill. Vision is important here, you need to judge whether you can catch him or not, if he is to far away stay where you are and farm.

The second point here is not to chase through tower, except when you are in the late stages of a game. This is because, if you haven’t gotten to your full build yet, you will probably die. The basic thing under all of this is to not over commit. If you over commit, you are dead. If you chase your opponent a bit and you see he is getting away, stay, farm and you will gain an advantage as he is wasting time running to the base while you are getting xp and gold.

Use this newly gained knowledge to your advantage and help your team be on the victorious side.

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