We have come up with a pretty neat idea recently, the general idea coming from a player of ours who mentioned something we really liked and we wanted to ask you if you feel the same about that idea. The idea is that we can implement the use of replays in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos to improve the experience of the gameplay. Basically we would implement the replays in a way that when you do something cool and you want to record it to save what you did and maybe put it on Youtube or share it with your friends you will be able to do that without using some third party application, meaning that you are able to record the replay directly from within the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos. We really think this is a good idea as it may change the dynamics of the game to a better level and give the players an option which they could really use and find useful so we thought we should share this idea with you.

Now it is your turn to tell us how you feel about this idea about implementing replays in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos in order to make the game better than it was before. Tell us, would you like to see replays implemented in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos, give us your suggestions in the comments section below.

  • Bloody Cupcake

    Sounds good for people who don’t know how to record and upload the matches, but I am not sure about people doing it in the middle of the game, sometimes the game gets so intense that you don’t even have time for coming back for a health refill or an item upgrade, it would be better at the end of the match when you have all the time of the world. Maybe would be better to improve the replay section so people could be able to cut and upload.

    I guess you want to take the path of the PS4 and the Share button, it’s a good idea but I think there are better changes you can do, for example adding an option at the beginning of matches for banning heroes, that would give variety to the matches and would force people to go out of their comfort zone and try other heroes. This also would add more strategy to the game.

  • DeNo

    If there is new maps would be great .. New items like boots .. Higher lvl boots and new items with extra smart effect ion with percentage of hp and mana and phs deffence and mag deffence added to other stuff like dps

  • bluecandy3747

    Can u make a new map? I rly hope u guys can make a new map. About ur posted, dont worry, i rly agree with it.

  • Zelderoth

    Date 7/1/2014

    The Replays were a great idea. But why do some replays not work anymore? A replay that doesn’t work has red numbers and letters below the caption where it shows what hero you used for that battle. It is quite annoying really because a replay is good for like two days and then gets the red markings that make it impossible to view again. If you know what this is, tell me. If you don’t know what this is, fix it.

    – Zelderoth

  • https://soundcloud.com/dr_goldsylver-fastfinger shokol8

    Yeah you should do a replay option like you got in world of tank!