In the last few days if you played Order & Chaos you have probably encountered the level and gem glitch where players with absolutely no effort could level up and gain gems uncontrollably. Note that there has been a thorough search on who these players are and that they have been sanctioned appropriately meaning that they are banned. If you are still seeing some of these players using this exploit please report them because it is not fair to the players who have worked very hard to reach the level they are on now. On the other hand, if you are one of these players you will be banned. Not forever, the ban lasts 8 days from the moment you are banned. Nothing personal, it is just business you need to be banned because it is not fair to the other players, and basically those are the rules of the game so if you use an exploit or glitch to gain something not in a normal way, it is seen as breaking the rules of Order & Chaos Online and appropriate measures will be taken against you. Of course, when you return to your normal ways of playing you will be left alone.

Again, we apologize to those who have felt hurt because of this or to those who have been banned without any good reason, if those players exist even. One more thing, make sure you leave your feedback in the comments section below, tell us anything that is on your mind about the game of Order & Chaos Online.


    Wish all the money i had on my banned lvl 70 glitch account would be sent to my maIN

  • brandon

    I’m not a glitcher though I do comprehend how to. I even (Now that I realise) had cheated one and for all i know have done it more than once.. the account i newly started (Zi0n) before my newest account (you’re_next), i had done quests like everyone else but then one day someone mention something about leveling up. I investigated and joined the team. They then told us to goto frostland and bow to some gaurd while or during that point one of the players fought a creature whilest the guard ran and helped us then ran back We’d gotten exp. I now see it as cheating, infact i was just informed alil earlier that they stopped team group exp or something. I goto this Site and whoosh it’s saying this. Honestly i wanted to get alil help to lvl up to get this sword and armor in the gift. I do Now know its known as cheating, I’m new at this game.
    -Now there is something I’m noticing. Thats when i goto the land where my quests are (whispering islands) and the creatures i fought I’m not getting any EXP. My EXP tank stays at 21.739. Whats going on ? Am i banned to an extent? Help?

  • Zack

    I believe it’s fair that the ban will be removed within 8 days. I myself was hurt and ashamed of what I’ve done, but these actions taken against us were understandable and a well taught lesson to all.

  • Joshua Spaull

    To be honest wasn’t it gamelofts mistake on making it, I mean banning people because of your mistakes, if we have an opportunity of course we will take it. But banning people because you think we caused it, think again

    • Carlos

      They may have made the mistake. But as the player you are taking advantage of the exploit for your personal benefit. It’s like if a bank accidently leaves their money vault open.just cause it’s open does not mean you should walk in and take money. You will suffer the consequenses for taking advantage.

  • kim

    gameloft caused the problems themselves and it cant be that customer get punished for it like they do now, a ban for some days is no problem, but to delete lvl70 bugged chars is just robbery and a personal damage, many ppl have used runes to make these chars master craft, used runes to buy epic gear and put gold on these chars, and maybe have valuable items like greater crafted stuff in bag/box. simply to delete these chars is a big damage to the player and not at all correct. These ppl just used a glitch/bug that shouldnt be there even to get fast to lvl70 but that didnt harm anyone, since you can easily lvl a char within 1/2 days 1-70 by grinding and using all existing blessings, there is no point to punish customers like that for it. Actually a lvl70 char uses more runes than a lowlvl, so gameloft gained a lot of money through it and should say thx and apologize for glitch. But they ban instead and wanna delete the chars without refunding anything or giving the chance to remove items from these chars first…thats simply robbery and betrayal, nothing else. They could just reset these chars to lvl1 and leave their gold and stuff like it is, would be punishment enough.

    In the other case I dont feel for the gem buggers, they really gave the game a big dmg like the duplicate buggers did too and this is really cheating. While other ppl buy all essence and gems and craft with runes which takes ages to get lvl5 gems, these players exploit the game and like the ones with dub glitch just made their epics with free duplicated essences these gem buggers made lots of epic gems for free, sold them expensive and equipped al their gear with it. I wouldnt delete these chars neither but to remove gems and gear sound legit to me.

  • Dl

    Dear Gameloft,

    (Sorry for bad english!)

    How can the player find out what bugs and what features?

    You punished players who were low-level in lvl70’s team. Accordingly, low lvl and lvl70 in team is irregular? more updates after getting easier gameplay. How do we decide what is planned and what bugs? We are not testers, developers. we are the players. We just want to play with the program and want to believe that is ready, because we pay for it.

    I remember that two years ago, I worked hard for nearly 2 months (4-5 hours per day games) to be lvl60 and hard +1 month for the business skill. This is now up to 2 days. At Zargis can further reduce these two days, about 15 minutes.

    Now let us calculate together how much leveling accelerated over the past two years.
    Two years ago, three months was the max level, now two days is enough. This is compared to the beginning 90/2 = 45 times speedup lvling.
    15 minutes with lvl70 with lowlvl team games, which you Xp “glitch” had called. This method is compared with the conventional 48/0.25 = 192 speed growth.

    So the Lvling two years ago, gameloft sped up 45x, now at Zargis 192x. Why would an old player suspected error? between this and the previous acceleration only four times the current acceleration multiplier. The new ones where you could, because there is no basis for comparison.

    If we follow the logic of Gameloft, than with older players unfair the two-day acceleration. Because the older (started at least two years ago), players also worked hard, and they can get hurt that Gameloft 45x accelerated. Older players who actually worked hard, feeling bad that one year newer, climb up to lvl70 in 2 days.
    Therefore, based on the logic of all Gameloft – all one year later account let Ban.

    Abolished the old rule, which made it impossible for the team more than 8 lvl difference is added XP to the low lvlhez. Why?

    The fair would have been if the Gameloft describes opinion, but not bans. or bans everyone without exception.

    This week was a shame Gameloft, because the decision is unfair.

    I suggest all banned rehabilitation, compensation! The old rule lvl8 Restore!

    Best regards,

    An old and now banned player

    Observer’s Market

  • Selvatico

    …yes I had a lvl 17 war…. all server in global was telling “come on small levels, come to the Zargis WB near Silencia for free XP”… I went… I raised lvl 70 in about 1min… 7 days later my account had bee banned… now I have back the account, but my character had been deleted!!! Why?!?!?!? Thanks a lot Gameloft, great customers satisfaction!!!

  • DeNnIcOoL

    It is not at all Gamelofts fault – and asking here whether it is a Bug or a feature is just ridiculous as you could always read “coming up bug team, c’mon all to zargis wb, bug team” in global. I have never read anything about a new feature to raise to lvl 70 in a minute.
    So that everybody knew it is a bug then everyone that used it has to get permanently banned because as everybody has read the license agreement, disclaimer and terms of use, he/she also accepted to not use any exploits, bug, glitches, hacks and all other stuff that disturbs the “normal” way of playing order and chaos.

    And if these idiots would have read any further in the agreement, they would also have noticed that they don’t own anything of their char, because we are talking of virtual belongings, just “lend” to you ppl exclusively by GL – some things are lend for paying with runes, it’s not Gamelofts fault to ban these idiots – it’s these idiots fault to be not able to read the agreements carefully, and understand what law process is behind their every doing. As for this – no one of you banned kiddos has ANY right to booohoooohooo here now as it’s you that wanted to destroy a nice game which we that leveled up with questing and behaving “normal” in the game really had enjoyed.

    Now we have our fun back and you were taught a lesson 😉
    Seriously – some runes and money gone, so what? Just read the legal notice and see what GL could rip your purses apart with their lawyers for bugging – just go ahead and read – the thing you should do with the two things right and left of your nose, before yelling the Game creator is the bad guy in that story…

    DeNnIcOoL (Playing on Observers Market)

  • Joel

    You said to tell you anything that is on our mind about the game, so I hope it’s allright that I leave this idea of mine here (that I accidently also posted in a news post for Heroes of Order & Chaos as well). I know it has nothing to do with the subject of the news post, so feel free to correct me!

    Anyway, people have been talking about how they would like a new class for a coming update, and I agree. I have thought about it a lot and considered what would be both a unique idea, but also something that would be really fun to play.

    I came up with an idea about a Voodoo Master. That
    could also introduce new items like Voodoo dolls (as weapon) and
    needles or other things that could do harm to the doll>target.
    Personally haven’t seen that in any other game!

    Some spell suggestions could be:

    Hair pinch: Steal a hair from the enemy, increasing all damage dealt
    by Voodoo master to the target by X% until target (or Voodoo Master) is

    Can also target party members for positive effects (see the spell “health exchange” further down)

    Torture: Deal X ammount of damage over 5 seconds, increasing for each
    second, while slowing movement speed of target by 70% and making it’s
    steps irrational. All melee damage dealt to Voodoo master by target
    during the duration of Torture is increased by 80%.

    Needle stab (into the doll) (cast time ~1,5 seconds, cooldown 4
    seconds, can be reduced to 0 in talent tree): Deals damage of ~800%?
    based on your wisdom, also causing bleed damage for 2 seconds for 100%
    of wisdom each second, and decreasing melee damage of target by 5% for 2
    seconds. Stacks up to three times.

    Head rip: When target has 10% or lower health, Voodoo Master deals
    damage to the target equal to all the damage target has recieved the
    last 5 seconds. Cooldown 4 seconds.

    Hair twine: steal hair from all monsters within 5 meters, deal damage
    to all of them based on spell damage. Damage is increased by 200% for
    each time this spell is cast on the same target. 2 second cooldown.
    Cooldown is reduced by 100% if a multi headed doll is equipped in main

    Mind tweak: Causes target to feel disillutioned, redirecting all damage target deals the following two seconds to itself.

    Health exchange: Steal healthpoints from enemy based off of it’s
    current healthpoints. If target is at 100% health, the health exchange
    is based on 100% of spell power. If target is at 80% health, it is based
    on 80% of spell power etc. If Voodo master pinched hair from one or
    more party members, the health gain is dealt to them as well. Damage to
    target remains the same.

    Mass disillution: Cause all targets within 10 meters to attack
    eachother for 4 seconds. If there is only one target, it is blind to
    Voodoo master during the duration.

    Ignite (requires standard dolls in your bag, kind of like ammunition. Can be bought cheap off of an NPC) Deals an initial blow of fire damage to target based on spell damage, then causes burning damage over 5 seconds. (With an animation where the Voodoo master raises the doll, sets it on fire during the casting time of about 2 seconds, then the target starts burning and recieves the initial blow)

    The talent tree could be divided in something like Agony and Leech, where Agony is pure damage and debuffs, while Leech provides some healing anilities (but more damage oriented than a divine monk), such as the Health Exchange spell above.

    Hope you like it! I myself would really want to see a class like this
    in an MMORPG, specially one like Order and Chaos! I think it would fit
    perfectly. The spells could probably use a little tweaking, but hope the
    main idea got through.

  • Jorkata

    Yeah but this is a game not bank i mean,its something thry made mistake with banning player who found that mistake is kinda bad

  • No sucker

    Ya how much gl pay for u to suckkk there d and don’t tell me u would never glitch lf u know it . Just because u don’t know how to do it that why u suckk gl d so hard .

  • Roshan

    How to use the glitch