Happy New Year! It is finally over, 2013 has come to an end and 2014 has arrived at our doorstep. The last was eventful, at least. Many things happened, good and bad. We’ve been through a lot together and we hope that trend will continue in 2014. The game of Order & Chaos Online always strives for perfection so we will be even better as the days roll on. 2014 will be a year of improvement and prospering. But, in order to better ourselves we need to know what exactly the problems are. We have a basic understanding of the major issues in the game, but there are always those glitches and problems that are individual, meaning they are not so widespread so we don’t know much about them. And now, you come into play. All of you who have encountered these individual issues, share them. By doing so you are helping Gameloft improve the game of Order & Chaos Online. Basically, glitches will always exist, it is the harsh truth because no game can be perfect, but it can be close to perfection. In order to get there we need you.

So to make 2014 better for us and for you, which is obviously more important, tell us, what are the bugs and glitches you have encountered that are not part of the major bug database, meaning that they are not very common. But, if you want to you can tell us the major bugs as well, we will appreciate every comment you leave behind.


  • Master Ian

    Super Bug: In some instances when the game is going very hot and good, game freezes, if not freeze, then the game crashes instead. Also, ultra lag is extremely common. That’s all.

    • COOLkid


  • COOLkid

    some times when you jump in the water in certain places you get stuck by a wall

    • Master Ian


    • Zack

      Yeah that needs to be fixed, it’s quite frustrating…

  • Neil

    I don’t like how the gem tab is so close to the X in the storage box because it causes me to almost always hit the gem tab instead of the X when trying to close the box. Also, the triangle to open the spell bar has been problematic ever since it was moved from the left side of the bar to the place it is now – near the mini map. I would like to see that reverted to its original location. Thanks for a great game :)

  • Rawr

    Can u guys fix the bug of those vendors who exchange gears on Genetor’s Temple and Coldring?When i want to trade my items for a gear,it doesn’t show the exact item required for that gear e.g when you want to buy weapons on Genetor’s Temple, 1 essence of god is only shown for the items required