In these kinds of games, like Order & Chaos Online, there are things that are easy to do and there are things that are not so easy. Of course, it is most often individual, meaning that one thing that may be easy for a player is difficult to another player and a thing that is difficult to one player is easier for another. One of those things in Order & Chaos Online is the Archers trial. Depending on your skill in the game of Order & Chaos Online it may be difficult of easy, but we will help you in passing the Archers trial no matter what your skill level in Order & Chaos Online is. The most important things for passing the Archers trial with ease and simplicity in the game of Order & Chaos Online are listed below so you can easily read them and understand what they mean, we won’t complicate anything just simple and easy steps so you can pass the Archers trial gracefully. Read those steps below:

These are the most important steps you have to remember when trying to pass the archers trial, they are:

The first three notes are snipe, avulsion and kite. Then the next steps to remember are to pin feet and snipe when it is available, next you need to avoid circles and the use archer stance when low on health, and finally use your escape when slowed down. The things you just read are everything you need to remember when you are trying to pass the Archers trial. We hope it helped you in doing what you desire in the game of Order & Chaos Online.

  • COOLkid

    the sin is hell

  • Yingyangyao

    Make a guild for the battle trail

  • Shea

    Where do you pick up the quest for this?