Recently, meaning in the last few posts, we asked you to tell us what your thoughts, likings, things you don’t like and your general opinion about the game of Order & Chaos Online is. We have gotten a big response and we are grateful for it as it will help us make the game of Order & Chaos Online better so you can enjoy it even more than before. The thoughts and opinions were mainly positive, but there were also some negative responses which is great by the way, because learning about your mistakes helps you make yourself better, as it is in a game or in a person. Everything you posted as your suggestions is received with great joy because it is what reminds us that you are still with us and that means something to us. The holiday festivities are almost over and we are getting back to our usual rhythm and so are you and the game of Order & Chaos Online is also getting back to it’s normal rhythm.

The past year is behind and the new one has arrived in style as the game of Order & Chaos Online is rapidly gaining popularity, we hope that this increase in popularity will continue in this and in the years to come. Who knows, maybe someday Order & Chaos Online will be the most popular game in the world (it’s a long shot but is possible if we continue to improve). If you have anything to add that wasn’t suggested before do it now and keep playing Order & Chaos Online.

  • Kaz

    Due to too many complains, you people have nerfed assassins to dust… They are beaten by really weak tanks, tanks are just over powered with finite stuns, you people need to work on balancing the classes, i didn’t pay over 300$ for my sin to be nerfed where I’m beaten by really bad peope who don’t have any good gear.
    Also oac is more money consuming now than before, now if somebody wants to get a little strong, they need to pay so that needs to be looked at too

    • Ark

      The fact that you payed $300 for your sin is the reason you are getting beat, this game should require skill and time to get good gear, not real money. If you want to stop getting beat then maybe you should actually earn better gear instead of buying it.

    • Drac

      lets be honest sin was way to op as in a sin in green gear that drops in froustlund could win in arena verses a semi geared tank and paying $300 for gear doesn’t make you any better just make a noob into a geared noob ( not saying you are a noob)

      • voidreaper

        rangers need a damage buff they are the only class with 2 dps options (ice mages are more of a control support) and mili monks do to much damage to be able to still heal them self. tanks do to much damage for a class that should be made to take damage but dps warriors need alittle more dps or less defense taken away

      • Jackster

        I haven’t pay for any gear and I’m a sin 4/6 s2 sand a 2/6 s3 and now I have trouble fighting a 2/6 s2 and 3/6 s2.5 dps war

  • safire1236

    Maybe make the game playable? I don’t know why you ask for feedback if we can’t play the game. Make it playable. This is a good game but you are just giving people reason to hate it by not fixing current issues. This isn’t just for me. Any kindle I try to use to play it it will not ever work. I will play this game if it starts working. But as of right now it isn’t working. Thank you.

    • Tyree Sosa

      I’m a kindle player I keep saying the same thing no response I don’t even think they working on fixing the problem

  • p01send

    Id like to see a guild bank or guild comunity chest to share resourses.

    • Irshad Decade

      this will be awesome!!!

  • Josh Foster

    Give us a search bar in the AH, Make the interface unlockable so the player can arrange to their style. Addons would be a cool thing to have. Give us a warlock or paladin type class

    • voidreaper

      i think there needs to be 2 tanks and healer classes and a full support class with minions and another aoe dps. this could be made with a third talent tree for each class

  • Jack


    • Toe

      You need to add a search by name in the auction house. And also make a way of cycling that is actually in the game. Such as raid a raid group option.

  • Jack

    Pls create a new military tree build, mili is One of the weakest dps in order&chaos i mean im full epic T3 mili and have no Chance to Win a tank who only have green gear on because im permanent stunned wtf are u seriously gl? At lvl 60 the classes were balanced but now?! I miss the old mili stun with 1 Hand weapon ! I wont log into the Game and buy runes for that unbalanced shitt anymore!! Balance mili up like dps war because that was the Same

    • Irshad Decade

      mili is!@#$%^&*( strong -.-

  • ajr30

    Definitely need a search bar in the auction house. Also, I wish armor scraps had a slightly higher drop rate.

  • Ghost

    All i can say is NO MORE T4 gears EVERY YEAR I WASTE ABOUT 300 fuking dollars just to get all my toons gears up

  • discordance

    I love the game. Thank you for all your work. I use the google+ login function. Is there any way to enable a remember me with that login option?

  • Mark Loy

    My biggest problem is the lack of skill gain from killing monster’s. I played pk for a few years where that was the main way of lvl. I get really bored of running around doing quest. Also info can be hard to get in game. Need to explain things more for the noobs.

    • Irshad Decade

      pk to gain lvl is good, but come on dude . If u said that, mean this game has to start over..

  • KushMonk

    Search bar in the auction house and better looking for group, Make a Cleric/Paladin class and necromancer/warlock/illusionist type class as well. Get better Guild community options like searching for a guild and applying via interface and having guild perks, bank, armor/weapons. Being able to move interface wherever you want would be very convenient for bigger devices. This game has a lot of potential but seem to not explain things enough for those who like the details such as myself. Also about explaining things, don’t really explain the things in the Shop. Something you could try on you cannot, doesn’t say you have to be champion just is presented with crowns making it seem more awesome for those just to be let down. More XP!! I speak not only for myself. Tiny fixes like these would LAUNCH this game into the new generation of gaming. Last but not unfortunately for you its the most important so pay attention. STORY!!!!!!! There are quests and really no real story. There should be different stories for every race, and class in my honest opinion. Thank you please take all these in mind. Taking back the being anonymous, The name is KushMonk on Swamp Server. Let me know in game what you think I’d love to hear feedback on my feedback. Thank you.

    • Arieashadows

      Amen to that!

  • Techerts

    Better customer support and bugfree game. Just bought the game..reached 23-24ish and now alll i get is “please try again, server is busy” messages…ridicoulos!

  • Techerts

    Make the game more reliable and have a better customer support…just cant log on with the old character…keeps giving me the same “server is busy, please try later” messages…ridicoulos.

  • Omar Mohammed

    Isn’t that obvious? ? Flying mounts!! What I’ve personally seen so far is great, and I can tell that you guys are capable of bringing that to us! I know there are bugs and other things to get fixed but all of them are written down below so I think this is the only thing none mentioned.

  • Jacob Ira Silverthorn

    More/better support for your ouya version. We still dont have auction house, mail system, or guilds not to mention level 70 update alot of us are sitting at 60 waiting.

  • Tyree Sosa

    Fix this shit for the kindle I’m starting to get mad

  • Seosaph

    Just something to consider, is it possible to put some more clothing in the game something new, like I personally would love to have tartan kilts in the game, something a bit Celtic, just something I thought about. That I my mind and in the minds of a few good others that play this game kilts would be a great add on. Thank You.

  • cdlmer

    O&C Online works fine with freebox pad, DuoGamer pad and also works with moga pad on android.
    It’ll great to works with ios7 pad (moga,…).

  • Kyle

    I do not have a lot of time to socialize on the game. And do not enjoy dungeons. But I love the game. I would love to see more quests and dailies that I can solo for that same epic gear you get from pvp or dungeons. HOORAHHH for the working man!!

    • Charlie Voss


  • Kyle

    Would love to play on my Surface. Also Search bar in Auction House.



    • Irshad Decade

      u ,my friend suggest the best idea ever!!!

    • Zack

      I too agree with this idea! But to be more realistic… a simple home would greatly improve the popularity and the social level of O&C. If this can’t be done, would a new class be possible then? Eitherway, I love O&C and can’t wait for my 8 day ban to be lifted.

  • HatesHaters

    Why cant you people give feedback without swearing every few words. I would like a search bar for the auction house, thank you.

  • HatesHaters

    Also I think you guys should add more stuff for lower levels instead of all high level content

  • Irshad Decade

    mmorpg is all about players.. i suggest cross – platform ( which u promised 2 years ago ) ,, n guild should act like a guild..

  • Coo

    10v10 or more battlegrounds ,take rune buffs out or make less op, and 10/25man raids



  • Lol

    Xp boost buy able with gold

  • Arkhero

    A combat log and AoE looting needs to be added, along with a customizable UI and possibly gear transmogrifying.

  • Zack

    A new class would definitely energizes everyone’s love of O&C. Personally I would love to see a new class, anything really.. Just something new ^^. Here’s a few ideas: a good ranger character besides archer/mage, a character with artilleries like a (Solider) followed with 2 roles: Mercenary or Army. Please reply to this post, just keep this idea alive and well. Thanks O&C and friends. ^^

    • Zack

      I know there’s already been a lot of requests summited to O&C, but would it be possible for there to be a vanity (fancy/epic clothing) shop in GM. That would be extremely amazing and I honestly wouldn’t mind spending time and money collecting them. But please make sure to make them epic and not a simple shirt or dress… A black trench coat in particular!

  • Joshua Spaull

    1. Tanks are overpowered 2. Get anonymous admins to check on people who are wanting to trade accounts when actually are a scam, so less work for you guys. 3. Try and make custom pvp, as in you can make 1-1,2-2,3-3 or any up to about 16 would be nice.4. New race would be nice.5. Please change the whole thing to alliance and horde or different names and make greenmont where every race gets along. Thank you hopefully I didn’t waste my time writing this and you guys not reading :/

    Ps. Love the game and fix and few thing 🙂

  • audigg

    1. Cross-Platform (iOS + android)
    2. New Race/Class (or both)
    3. A Spell that summons people to your location
    4. Search Bar in Auction House.
    5. Crafting. You need other resources then just ore. Skinning monsters for Leatherworking, and for Clothes it can be farmed by loot dropped by mobs
    6. Secondary Professions?? (Herbalism/Alchemy, Fishing/Cooking)
    7. Full-time moderators.. You know you are making enough $ from this game, Gameloft.

    Those are just 7 things I could think of off the top of my head.

    Just a warrior from Arcadian Forest. PM me if you would like to discuss further.


      This is EXACTLY what Gameloft needs to read, and think thoroughly about!

  • Light-Sin (Tear Coast)

    To be quite frank, what everyone wants is a new class/race. Please add one in the next update and thanks for reading.

    P.S. ( Make a Solider class, with artilleries ).

    – Light-Sin.

  • Sall

    Something simple! please put a score card in dungeons similar to the pvp for after bosses. then players wouldn’t have to guess how effective they were being in the dungeon. they could click char and see the damage they did to each mob over time, as well as healing, and damage taken. Something useful, more bragging rights, goals to achieve, players would love it.

    • Arkhero

      Something that’s similar to this is WoW’s recount, but it would be nice to see in OaC

  • Feedback

    I would love it if there were more options for race, class, and outer appearance. It would also be great if we could have flying mounts that don’t disappear when we go into the water. Also if we should make it so that you can also exchange gold for runes like we can exchange runes for gold. We also need it so that we can summon team players with a spell. Sometimes your team members glitch and are stuck, after one break away button you have to wait for minutes more? It would be much easier if we can summon team members.

  • Drac

    Pets that fight along with you instead of boosting stats availible to all classes

  • Rawr

    1)visual upgrade e.g water splash effect when u swim (we don’t have this effect on andriod servers)
    2)cross-platform, ios gets the latest update first before andriod which is unfair for andriod users
    3) new class e.g Black Magic Mage/Necromancer/Witch,Alchemist or Gunslinger
    4) New Arena Contents
    -Que Options eg Intermediate 4s/2s for not s2 geared players and Advance for s2 geared players because only 12/12 s2 geared players que 4s/2s real which is not fair for other players who wants to win to get their s2 gears
    5)New looks for all races that we can change our appearance on salon
    6)Lava/Legendary Armours

    Sorry my English is not fluent, but i hope you understand my suggestions and help u guys to improve our beloved game OaC 🙂

  • Sonofacrit

    For some reason I will be playing for like maybe 30 mins to an hour. Then I get the trying to reconnect to server. It just started happening to me today. I don’t know why this is happening please help me.

  • Rogue85

    Please fix PvP… Arena is horrible. It’s almost pointless for a new lvl70 to win in arena because you get stuck fightinf full PvP geared teams.. please Que up equal teams to fight against each other. Also 1500 arena point cap daily and the gear is 18000-22000 for one piece?? It shouldnt take 2 weeks to get one piece of arena gear. Lower the point cost of the gear. Also make it so different servers can fight each other in the Arena. Combine IOS and android please.. IOS and android players should be able to play together. Dungeon Que is worthless and if you havent been playing the game long and don’t have a huge social network it’s almost impossible to find dungeon groups. Again make it so other servers can dungeon Que with other servers so people have a chance to obtain gear that aren’t in a top ranked guild or who haven’t been on the game long. It almost seems to me like top priority for gameloft is making money from people spending money for runes just to improve there gear. Top priority should be the gamers because that is your profitable source. If the game isn’t enjoyable people will not play it. So please fix dungeon que, fix Arena, join IOS and android. Also saw some comments on auction house needing a search function, this is very true. Another thing to add is the interface. You can’t change anything on the interface.. my arrow button to open my quick slot selection is smudged between my map and home button on my phone. It’s a lucky guess whether I hit my map, home button, or quick slot. Allow us to move things around. I mainly just keep my quick slots open because there’s not enough slots on the 6 bar scrolled, but then I can’t jump because the quick slot page covers it up.. please improve the game. Thanks.

  • Dig70493

    Hey I would just like to say I love all the work that has been put into this game. I’ve been with the game since the beginning days. I have spent days grinding and getting the best gear out of all the dungeons and I stopped playing for awhile due to other things in life. I also have an android phone and tablet and no longer any ios products and I can’t play on my old characters anymore and that has what made me lose interest in the game. Especially due to the fact I spent a few 100 on runes and and all that in the past 2 years I really hope someone from gameloft reads this and gives me reply. I am a very avid gamer and it’s very disappointing to spend over two years on a game and watch it evolve but do to a different device I have to start all over and leave all the money I spent on my old account and friends to waste. I’d be happy if I could just get my characters back sure I could make some pretty good friends on android. Gameloft or the developers on this amazing mobile revolutionizing mmo is there anyway at all for me to get my hard worked characters back or anything I would love a reply from someone telling me it is being worked on or if it will never happen. That way I could give up on wondering if it ever will happen or be considered. Thank you Gameloft would love to hear a reply back. Sure Im not the only one.

    A dedicated O&C veteran and Gameloft Fan

  • D4

    Fix things like the venders in silence and generators temple. U recently changed them and now there’s less info than before. If u were to just have a page on the website that told u exactly what u needed for these items. Then maybe half the players wouldnt be asking/complaining about it. Kinda ridiculous that ud change it to show less info

  • SwampPrincess

    Auto sort for the storage chest wld be really useful.

  • Alyra

    The biggest annoyances about this game are 1. No search bar in the auction house, 2. EVERYTHING BINDS TO YOUR CHARACTER… Which is deeply frustrating, as you can’t even trade stuff you have to your other characters. Yay… I spent 30 runes on the lottery and I have awesome boots for my ranger… Sucks for me I bought the box on my Mage… while on the subject of runes, Gameloft why do you assume royalties play this game? Who has the kind of money to even imagine buying some of this stuff, come back down to earth with the rest of us please. Also, pet jobs would be lovely. Same with maybe at least letting pets fight along side you, or even just add a small boost to them such as turtle +2 stamina. You get the benefits just for having him out. Please fix some of the binding nonsense, it’s so unrealistic and frustrating.

    • XeroGrav

      Dude it’s a game with orcs Mendels elves and zombies in it, it’s not supposed to be realistic

  • Jgoo

    Would love a summoner class.

  • voidreaper

    i think there should be less bound items and let people who spend alot of money be able to sell items you can only get with runes to other players for gold. this would start the economy to boom and gain you more money and make people who wont spend the money to be happy. also i think there should be more options to the auction house like selling rare mounts or pets.

  • Bartek

    ok so i think is best to start off with simple question to all of you guys. why you so humble ? i see people here asking for things just too shouldnt be quote”maybe new class” or “can you please”. this game is $ machine for huge company currently owning best titles on mobile platforms. and its all thanks to us. as u can easly noticed im not here to praaise but complain. ive been playing oac since its realesor matbe few months after. ive been there when there was no pvp no mounts and the only best gear could be only bought, im tlking about t1 ofcourse.i have 4 chars but i devoted myself solemly military monk. ive played that class even when it was considered useless. no one even wanted to take mili monks in dungs back then since mage and dps war had wy more damage. but still i liked the game. i liked the ambience and the fact it was on my iphone. we created the guild one of the oldest there is i think.and ppl was really wat kept us playing. then t2 was introduced and everything is broke since then. game focuses too much on pay to win strategy. ofc u can still earn ur gear like the old times. but its frustrating that people who play the game for month or so can over power you if only they spend money. thats what it is really gameloft doesnt want to keep old players. it targets kids with their dads visa. they play for a month spend 300 like the fella below and forget about the game in some weeks. ive spend more money on this game than i can admit without being embarresed. and finally about month ago i stoped playing. the game its not what it used to be. if the wallet can buy your way thru the game it doesnt make any sense of playing it since my toon i put so much into can be overpowered by anyone with $. ive spend nearly 4 years playing this game and it didnt pay back. well i got my legend gems i got my lava as dung drop not bought like most of the players. im just so disapointed with the whole picture that i cant be playing the game no more. now to make the point. there are so many bizzare choices made by developers. there is no real feeling thath the longer you play the more powerfull you become. even when you spend tons of money on the game it will fuk you up in the end junst like it did to all players who farmed their t2. after all this hard work everything was ruined by t2.5 and t3 and lv cap update. all the money already invested in the game was LOST. i remember so many people good players left the game because of it. how could you gameloft. do this to ppl who helped you develop this game. if i ever get rewarded for playing for so long. and if i ever get the feeling that all the money ive spend didnt go for nothing maybe i come back. but i guess there is nothing gl can do about it now. thos game is waste of your time and money, if u devote yourself to this game too much you will regret it. 4 years of playing for nothing. thats how it is.

  • yixby

    I would like to have in the game something like Druid class..
    And you could add that when you are playing arena you will always que with those who have the same rank as you have (+- 100) because its annoying to play with ranks 700 when you are 2000+ or playing with 2800 when you are 1600..

  • Lol

    Add third player skill slot

  • Lol

    And please reveal Charlie q appearance

  • Lol

    And add more heroes

  • Lol

    And maybe more level and more player skill to the game