In this text we will answer some of the hottest questions in Heroes of Order & Chaos that you are just aching to see answered. Read the questions and answers below.

1. Is there a one vs. one map in consideration?

This one is a bit difficult because introducing a 1 on 1 map will change the whole dynamics of the game. A recent addition to the game is the custom mode where you can choose what kind of game you will play and in that way the situation is monitored of what game mode the players most like and play the largest number of that mode. You are free to give us some suggestions of would you like 1 on 1 game modes?

2. Are there going to be new skins for Paladin, Jombraa, Akaartu, Raega and Dark Exile?

Wait it out and you will see them soon…

3. What about the balancing in the game?

There certain changes in balancing that are planned for this winter, but the main focus remains on the stability of the game as the Development team is dedicating almost all resources to making the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos more stable.

4. Will the Paladin ever be nerfed?

Yes. The problem with the Paladin is that players are playing him out of his role, meaning he is played as a fighter which is not his role. There are some new items and tablets that are the start in nerfing him, and there is also a plan to balance other fighters as well in the near future next to the Paladin who will be nerfed.

5. Why did you put potions in Under Realms?

There are two primary reasons this was done. The first reason is the philosophy behind Heroes of Order & Chaos meaning that the main characteristic of maps is being small, fast paced and punishing even the smallest mistakes. The second reason is the uniqueness of the Under Realms map. Because the other two maps are the standard maps you can see in a MOBA game Under Realms is supposed to be different.

Feel free to give us your thoughts on anything in the game in the comments section below.

  • Tyree Sosa

    Why you can’t play on the kindle answer that question

  • thatsme

    Why are new heroes not available as free heroes? Jombraa was playable and princess some time ago. Thats boring