We have thought about this for a long time now and we think it is a pretty good idea, don’t you think? And, we have seen other players stating that they want the same thing, the possibility of changing your name, in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos. The name changing would work something like this: You first have a name that you don’t really like or it is too long so it is abbreviated and you can’t see the whole, that is the motivation behind the name changing in the first place. Then, you have to pay a certain amount of runes or emblems to make the desired name change (it can be cheap or expensive, you can even suggest the amount of runes or emblems needed for the name changing down in the comments section). Then, after you have made the payment of a certain amount of runes or emblems that is needed to make the name change, you select your new name and make a better choice than before so you don’t have to change it again, choose wisely. There you have it, that would be the process of the name changing feature in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos.

How does it strike you? We think it is a very good idea as there are many players that don’t like their current name and want to change it but they just don’t have the option. Would you like to see name changes made possible in Heroes of Order & Chaos? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • hocpro

    Good idea,2.000 emblems and 100 runes :p

  • jesterPie

    50 runes. No more no less.

  • ^Staceycat^

    This is a fantastic idea!…..My characters name is too long and I’ve been wanting a name change for ages. Better chances of not being spotted in pvp areas and since I’m a Mendel it would be even better <3 please gameloft, initiate a name change option. It shouldn't too too costly….50 runes is good :))))

  • harveychoi

    keep the id but show a nickname

  • Bloody Cupcake

    Are you for real people?, emblems?, 50 runes?, you really thinK GAMELOFT it’s going to give it for nothing, AP Heroes are around 560 runes, As much as I want it free I don’t think it’s going to be so cheap, at League of Legends and other social networks it’s around $10.00 I think that would be fine.

  • vanloll

    50 runes seems fair to me

  • Some HOC lover

    Hmmm 100 runes seems fine by me 😛 and gameloft we would have to pay at least a buck to change it so $1 but times loads of people = lots of profit for u 😀

  • Balduin Berger

    100 runes or 1500 emblems seems perfect to me

  • Corne Ellis

    seriously when will this happen now? everyone’s waiting for this.
    we all made mistakes choosing IGN’s before we started playing and learning the game. we all grew into the game and grew into our roles in the game and we should be able to change it at least once, even if it costs ruins? My name sucks and I play allot of gvg’s and big games..I want to choose cool name and stick by that and start fresh!

  • Hello

    This would be perfect but 100 runes ? I think it should be emblems and not so costy i mean its only a name not like its a character or hero skin. You whats up with this idea you guys are lagging 🙁

  • Hello

    Specially since i have changed my name by making another account and it sucks starting over and losing everything and i want to change my name again thats why i googled it and here i am plus i been wanting to say this same idea on o&c forums

  • Hello

    Aw wtf this is for online man you guys should do this on heroes of o&c

  • Muad

    This is a great idea. I’d really like to change my name. 2000 emblems or 100 runes