The things you see below are item suggestions by one player of Heroes of Order & Chaos. Tell us if you like them and they may be considered for the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos.

1. Arcane Might (It would cost 5000 gold as it is very strong)

It would give you an increase of +78 in Magic attack, an increase of 30% in attack speed, an increase in 5% leech, +180 mana and +6 mana regeneration. It would also have a passive that gives you 10% chance to deal 125% damage to your enemy. We think it’s pretty cool, how about you?

2. The Defiled Dagger of Mistrust (4400 gold would be the price)

It would give you an increase of +120 in attack, a decrease of -10% in attack speed, +10% critical, +380 mana and +5 mana regeneration. An active effect would be immobilizing the target for 1.5 seconds but reducing your movement speed by 10% for 1 second. It’s cooldown would be a 100 seconds.

3. The Eagle Chalice (4500 gold)

It would give you an increase of +55 in attack, an increase in +40% attack speed, an increase in +150 health points, and increase in both physical and magic defense by +15. The passive would be to increase the range of all heroes of by 1 meter.

We think the items mentioned above, who have been suggested by a fellow player of Heroes of Order & Chaos, are pretty good. But, we need your opinion. How do you feel about them? Do you like them? Do you think they are great? Do you think they are horrible and that they would throw off the balance of the game? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • hamad

    We need speed attk for mage

  • 0biwanShinobi

    The Defiled Dagger of Mistrust
    too OP
    but OK

  • byam

    i guess the new map is the most importans for all of the player ,cause their are only 3 map we hope can see any new map or new way to enjoying the game

  • Mer

    Need speed attk for mages increase the 30% to 45% will be ok

  • Bloody Cupcake

    Arcane Might is too expensive, we already have stronger items that are cheaper

  • Expensive

    Too expensive. I barely can scrape together 500 gold and you want me to have at least 5000? Sorry but I just don’t have that much money. I understand that many people as I have heard make 600 gold a day. But for me? Nuuh. Please make it cheaper so everyone can buy it. It wouldn’t be fair to have people with extremely strong weapons because they spend real money on it, have gold duplicator hack, or just have very high level characters with a lot of time.

    • banana of justice

      … No… you don’t understand. You’re thinking of emblems. Has nothing to do with real money. You buy it in the match with the gold you collect from killing things.

  • Superbroz93

    Love the items! but think about.. If you had enough coin to even buy Arcane Might. You would of all ready had to be winning. I mean, like dominating the other tteam. Hacking them one after the other, like a hot knife through butter. So picture it. Your already winning killing enemies left, right and centre. Pushing them aside with catastrophic blows. So adding to a already strong opponent, would just tip the scale even more. Making the winning side more OP (Over Powered). I do agree that there should be more items. But not Damage. It’s hard enough when your a lower level then the opposition. Maybe equipment that increases range or equipment that has a chance to defend off attacks. Or decrease stun time.