Lately we have been thinking about new hero ideas. The big thing here is that new heroes are always welcome as they change the whole dynamics of the game and freshen it up for the players and for those who are working on it. So we gave this a lot of thought and we came up with a few ideas. But, we need to make sure that the hero we think off is perfect so it wont be a bust. Because of that, we are going to start a small survey here where we will suggest a hero every few posts and then you can tell us how you like that hero in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Now for the first suggestions to start this off.

The name of the hero would be Zeus, the Greek god.

The skills would go something like this:

1. Lightning boltOne bolt that hits the enemy, dealing damage silencing and reducing the movement speed of the target for 20 percent for 1.5 seconds.

2. Lightning ball One ball of lighting that shoots forward damaging anyone it hits. The damage increases as it hits more enemies.

3. Storm resolveA passive skill that increases nearby allies critical strike and attack damage. It also increases the critical strike of Zeus by a value depending on level.

4. Lighting StormCreate a lighting storm which fires 10 lightning bolts in an area, each dealing more damage than the previous one.
Tell us, how do you like him?

  • Ign: Imchampion9898

    Wow cool hero. The ulti can cast anywhere in the map? I like to suggest something. Many of my friends is not happy as all new hero is 28k. Can u let us rent the hero. Like 500-1000 emblem per day depending of the type if hero we rent n use. Pls pls Sry if my English is bad. I really hope u can let us rent n lend hero. The hero is tooooo exxxxxx! 🙁

  • Balduin Berger

    I really like the suggestion of Zeus. He looks like a hero which is kinda cool to play. I would love to see a new Tank coming to HOC.

  • Sounds cool

    I like Zeus better than hades cause as others mentioned his attacks are similar to other old heroes. I don’t see the same problem with Zeus though (I could be wrong). I would definitively get this hero :0

  • maksimus

    great hero! is he a fighter or a mage?

  • Reeda

    how about maybe a necromancer class because u have necromancer academy in swam of wyrms and it would make sense and maybe have the boxer idea for another class but change the way the moves would be
    also maybe for two races a vampire race and a werewolf race and this could help you attract the vampire and werewolf fans on Order and Chaos Online to get more users on the game

  • joshua

    Sounds like a very awesome hero that needs to be available SOON! created Zeus and put him in the game…lol