Recently, we have started a new section here called Hero suggestions where we will make a hero suggestion every once in a while to see how you feel about them and if you really like the hero we proposed maybe we can put it in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos. We have already thought of one hero called Zeus, you can find everything about him on the given link. He is the Greek god obviously and his powers are lighting based, read for yourself at the link. We’ve been thinking and we came up with a pretty cool idea. Zeus is the ruler of Heaven in Greek mythology, right? Well as he is the ruler of heaven, maybe a good thing is to bring in a totally opposite hero to him, the ruler of the Greek underworld, Hades. Don’t you think that would be a great idea? Hades would be the counter hero to Zeus, meaning that when these two are in a match against each other all hell’s gonna break loose.

Hades powers would go something like this (he would be a mage obviously):

1. Call of the DeadHades summons a dead soul to fight alongside him. The summoned spirit deals damage to the enemy depending on the level of the summoner.

2. Deaths grasp Hades brings forth a hand that comes out of the ground stunning the target and dealing damage depending on level.

3. The stench of death (Passive) – All enemies that are near Hades lose 10% of their physical and magic resistance and have their physical damage reduced by 5%.

4. The kiss of deathHades charges to the target and places the kiss of death, dealing huge damage and healing himself for a portion of the damage dealt.

  • Greatexistor

    Very interesting suggestion… But it seems its’ skillset are the combination of demon lords ultimate and harpies kiss of death…(whatever it’s called I forgot ;P). Anyway maybe a totally new skill? I’m not that creative.. So I’m not sure what are some cool skills for hades…

    Still awesome hero looking forward to its future developments! :DD

  • nameless

    New mage chars? Thats good but what happen to our summoning jutsu animal when we use the kiss of death. Did his animal doing the same thing too? Or just stay back. Sry 4 my bad english hahaha. Disqus.

  • noname

    U should change his ulti to the new one if it look like harpie skill. Dont want the same skill. Ppl dont like it. it must be the new one. Such a was of rune buying new heroes that have same skill like other heroes. Sucks. Look jerks. Pls the new that ppl nvr thinking about it. It can surprise all. Then everyone will buy it. Ok,let say his summoning jutsu named as blacky. If the character is range attack so make blacky be a melee attack. Since this char can summon spirit. His ulti should be summoning jutsu also. But not blacky alone, his ulti summon all of his family. Look fun and aggresive if u make it like that than just copying other heroes skills. Sry 4 my bad english too. Hahaha

  • Bloody Cupcake

    I think that instead of creating new heroes with old skills you should make some heroes/cards you already have on Order & Chaos Duels, for example The Soul Trapper would be an excellent mage, the Phoenix Blast could be support or maybe a fighter, Overcharge Could bea an amazing mage or support and there is many other that already looks great on draw and have them on 3D would be a dream come true.

  • Erim

    A necromancer/warlock class type hero is what I want right now. This “Hades” sounds good to me.

  • D4

    I agree. Warlock necromancer shadow priest all good directions

  • Krayzefaded

    Too many changes in heroes. Leave the heroes alone n fix all the glitch. U guys are too busy trying to find new things to make money and not enough time fixing the current problem