The hero suggestion saga continues. Now let’s head to a new one, shall we. This is a pretty unique idea and we are having some second thoughts with it, we are not really sure how it would appeal to you. But, that’s why you are here, to tell us if you would like to see a hero like this in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

This character would be a fighter tank mixture, and we were thinking about making it a boxer. The ability mechanics would be pretty unusual and unique, tell us what you think about them. The character name was considered, but nothing great came to mind. We have tons of ideas but none of them really seem good. So, what would you call a boxer character in Heroes of Order & Chaos?

1. Hook punch (cooldown 1.5 seconds) – The character throws a hook punch that can hit multiple targets, stunning them and dealing less damage with each target it hits.

2. Straight punch (cooldown 1.5 seconds) – The character throws a single punch that goes in a straight line, knocking back the target and dealing damage based on the percentage of the target’s missing health.

3. Heart of a lion (passive) – The character gains 10 health points for every minute that passes in the game. This chain can’t be broken, meaning that no matter what happens the character will gain this bonus. If a game lasts 60 minutes, the character will have an additional 600 health points.

4. Refusing to fall (cooldown 75 seconds) – The character delays the damage he takes, refusing to die for 5 seconds but receiving the damage after those 5 seconds.

Tell us, how do you like him? And what should his name be?

  • Maik Hackemann

    I think it’s a great idea but it should be a monk instead of a boxer, he should have a japanese name (monks are also fighter/tank). But you could still intruduce the boxer as his elite skin 😉

  • jack

    check out these good hero ideas that a friend of mine posted

  • john
  • Joel

    Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I’ve been thinking about what could be a unique class when comparing to other MMORPGs, and what I would really enjoy playing. I came up with an idea about a Voodoo Master. That could also introduce new items like Voodoo dolls (as weapon) and needles or other things that could do harm to the doll>target. Personally haven’t seen that in any other game!

    Some spell suggestions could be:

    Hair pinch: Steal a hair from the enemy, increasing all damage dealt by Voodoo master to the target by X% until target (or Voodoo Master) is dead.

    Can also target party members for positive effects (see the spell “health exchange” further down)

    Torture: Deal X ammount of damage over 5 seconds, increasing for each second, while slowing movement speed of target by 70% and making it’s steps irrational. All melee damage dealt to Voodoo master by target during the duration of Torture is increased by 80%.

    Needle stab (into the doll) (cast time ~1,5 seconds, cooldown 4 seconds, can be reduced to 0 in talent tree): Deals damage of ~800%? based on your wisdom, also causing bleed damage for 2 seconds for 100% of wisdom each second, and decreasing melee damage of target by 5% for 2 seconds. Stacks up to three times.

    Head rip: When target has 10% or lower health, Voodoo Master deals damage to the target equal to all the damage target has recieved the last 5 seconds. Cooldown 4 seconds.

    Hair twine: steal hair from all monsters within 5 meters, deal damage to all of them based on spell damage. Damage is increased by 200% for each time this spell is cast on the same target. 2 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced by 100% if a multi headed doll is equipped in main hand.

    Mind tweak: Causes target to feel disillutioned, redirecting all damage target deals the following two seconds to itself.

    Health exchange: Steal healthpoints from enemy based off of it’s current healthpoints. If target is at 100% health, the health exchange is based on 100% of spell power. If target is at 80% health, it is based on 80% of spell power etc. If Voodo master pinched hair from one or more party members, the health gain is dealt to them as well. Damage to target remains the same.

    Mass disillution: Cause all targets within 10 meters to attack eachother for 4 seconds. If there is only one target, it is blind to Voodoo master during the duration.

    Hope you like it! I myself would really want to see a class like this in an MMORPG, specially one like Order and Chaos! I think it would fit perfectly. The spells could probably use a little tweaking, but hope the main idea got through.

    • Joel

      Another spell that would be sooo cool, is something like this:

      Ignite (requires extra standard dolls, kind of like ammunition that you can buy cheap off of an npc): Set the doll on fire, causing an initial blow of fire damage based off of spell damage, and causing burning damage on target for 5 seconds.

      (With an animation where the Voodoo master raises the doll, sets it on fire, and about a second after the doll starts burning, so does the enemy. Just imagine that on a big enemy like core or so. Would be so cool.

      The talent tree could be divided in something like Agony and Leech, where Agony is pure damage and debuffs, and Leech has some healing abilities (but more damage oriented than a divine monk), such as the Health Exchange spell.

    • Joel

      Oh no… I thought this was for Order and Chaos, and not Heroes of Order and Chaos…