Recently, we have started this little section on our site dedicated to the suggesting of the creation of new heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos. We have suggested two heroes to this point, and this are going pretty well, you are responding and that is a bagi part of what we are trying to accomplish here in Heroes of Order & Chaos. The two heroes we have suggested are Zeus and Hades, they counter each other. You can find them on the links given. Now, onto to the next one. For some, this may be a rather nostalgic moment, so feel free to share your feelings.

The heroes name would be The Doctor. You can probably guess what is coming next.

1. Sonic ScrewdriverFires a single beam of light that deals damage to all the enemies it hits, reducing it’s damage as it passes through them.

2. TeleportThe Doctor is able to teleport anywhere on the map where a friendly unit is, this ability has a rather large cooldown and it needs to be casted for 5 seconds before it is used.

3. Regeneration (Passive skill) The Doctor regenerates a portion of his health for every second he is out of combat.

4. EmpathyThe Doctor feels for his friends wounded in combat and heals them for a large amount of health, increasing their attack speed and overall defense. The heal is not single target, it heals every friendly unit that is close to him.

  • Bloody Cupcake

    sounds good as support but idk about a doctor, what about a sexy nurse *Q*

    • android


  • mx

    i think you should make heroes from your card based game

  • gunit327

    What about a death nymph that can charm enemies, curse an enemy which reduces health and mana, has a passive that increases her and friendly units attack damage and ultimate skill in which she slams
    into an enemy and blinds them for 3 seconds

  • diordna

    Have teleport skill. Wow. If i use lvl 40 tp skill means i have 2 tp. Such a unique heroes. Good ulti. Op team if one of teammates use thismsupport heroes

  • Alex Maynard

    I for one love this suggestion. I’ve been a big fan of the Doctor and always will be.