Recently, we received a complaint from player of Order & Chaos Online who stated the things he sees a problem in in the game of Order & Chaos Online. We decided to help this player out with your involvement. The things he stated as the major issues he sees in the game are listed below. Now, we want you to look at them and tell us and him in the comments below if you have encountered the same problems as he did, and if you did tell him how you fixed them, if you managed to fix them. This will be of great help so please, leave your feedback in the comments below.


1. My friend list is sometimes not displayed, it just says ‘No one is in this group.’

2. It has happened that I can’t see the ID of other guild members at the guild tab.

3. It happens that I can’t tap the chat button in the guild tab. There is a spin so I can’t tap it.

4. It has happened that I am thrown out of my guild at random and then put back in.

5. It is impossible for me to ignore any of my friends. It is not possible for me to ignore them one by one neither all at the same time, it is a big problem.


The things that are listed may or may not part of your problem, but the player who reported them obviously deals with them so if you had any of these problems in the past and got through them tell us how, it will be of great importance.

  • irshad

    erm..never happen to me..not even one

  • Kyleejo

    The biggie for me is voice chat doesn’t work!!! Very frustrating!!!

  • Justin Gilligan

    Anyone else here getting maintenance error?

    • brandon

      Yeah I’m seeing that too..

      • Justin Gilligan

        Its back up now

  • brandon

    Well there are other issues, i have an ALCATEL AUTHORITY OT-995 Model i believe, issues are: exact pinpoint location on the map of where i am.. kinda a pain taking wrong turns. Then 2nd issue: the menu on the right side of the screen the extra slots area, where you can close and open it, the red arrow that opens it is DIRECTLY next to the map icon (minimap) when opened is difficult to maneuver between it and the slots menu, thus making it harder to close out of the side slots on the right of the screen pretty much ends up with me accidently touching the minimap therefore opens the full map.. then closing it ans then the side slots. MAJOR PAIN DURING UNEXPECTED OR ANTICIPATED BATTLES. I’ve tried to get a hold of Gameloft but they sent me to some home page so I can get that fixed or even asked to get it fixed.. so if any way possible please reply back to me or give Gameloft A heads up because on my opinion I’ve seen other videos on YouTube and their meaning you are perfectly spaced out on my phone I think its just my phones screen size but if it may be possible they may be able to fix it for a tad bit smaller screens where the side slots doesn’t intertwined with the minimap.. if possible please reply back to me if there is any updates or any kind of advice you can help me with this situation. By the way I am NOT the only one. Lol.

  • Achreus

    How about an awful glitch ravaging the servers that instantly makes level 1 players level 70?

  • COOLkid


  • chyox

    The 6th point clearly indicates that these issues are from Heroes of Order & Chaos (the moba) not Order & Chaos online (the mmo).

  • Ryan Wagner

    @brandon – yeah buddy i got a note 2 and the map is still out of whack. the map need fixing its only a map if it shows where i am usually i can figure out the offset but why should it not workright in the first place this is a huge issue cant believe its still not fixed ,however its only an issue on the world/province map. the mini map is working correct.
    . i also agree with the second point the red arrow sometimes opens my bag instead of the extra skill bars. i use the extra bars all the time and use the original skill slots for less used skills. however this means i have to hit the red arrow to access the jump and original skill slots which half the time opens the map or my bag. this can be fixed by moving the arrow to the bottom of the screen just left of the skill bar.
    lastly is there any way to make the original skill buttons movable so i can have the extra bars on the side and still access the jump and original 3/6 skill slots. just make them kinda see through. either way some kind of ui upgrade.. sorry i know it has been rethought already but its not quite working right yet