The year 2013 is coming to an end. Christmas is near and 2014 is just around the corner. It has been a year of ups and downs, but when we add all the things that have happened to Order & Chaos Online in the year 2013, we must say it has been a great year. We struggled a lot, the Development team worked their butts off to give you what you seek in the game of Order & Chaos Online. There were many problems at the beginning, but the issues were almost completely fixed and the game is on an upward path to becoming even better in the next year. A lot of suggestions were made, some good, some bad, but basically all of those suggestions contributed to making the game better for all of the players. And as we all know, the players are the most important part here, just like in any game. Without the players, the game would just be useless. So we thank you for making the game better and sticking with us through all the hardship the game had during the almost soon to be over year. We hope that we will continue on this path of improvement in 2014 and we in advance thank all of you who will still be with us during the following year.

Now, for the main part of this text. As 2014 is coming very soon the game needs to get better, sort of a new years resolution thing. For the game of Order & Chaos Online to improve, we need your help in addition to the Development team working 24/7. Your suggestions will be the determining factor of the games improvement in the following year. So we say to the players of Order & Chaos Online: “Dear players of Order & Chaos Online, we need you. We need your suggestions in order to improve the game in the following year. Leave all your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below, whether they are praises or reproaches. Every single letter you leave behind will be carefully noted and analyzed in order to bring you the best Order & Chaos Online experience in 2014. So go now and tell us your every though about the game of Order & Chaos Online in the comments section below”.


  • Guest

    When are the mist traders coming and you guys should add a new land so people can quest from lvl 70 to 80

  • Koolaidguy

    Pets should be able to fight along side you or maybe transform into a mount and fight in that form

  • S0ul3r

    1. To make endgame of the game better you should think about adding some new bonuses to items, to make it more interesting and dependable on our type of play, hence you should also add those bonuses reroll items to make it easier to achieve.
    2. So far I haven’t found any possibilities to spend gold it is kind of useless right now. The very good thing is that you added gems. They are doing the thing I was talking about in the first point.
    3. I ssuppose that guilds don’t work how they should like I mean: first of all you should add something like guild hall it would make communication easier, next wars between the guilds and guild dungeons. I know it is a lot but if u want to develop u need to work hard 🙂
    4. This is little point, just make HUD customisable left handers and other players would be rly happy with it.

    That’s it what I wanted to share with you guys. I hope I helped you a little bit.
    [email protected]

  • Jason Plus Bethany Peterson

    How about the cross platform multiplayer you promised 2 years ago. I hate that my iOS characters are on different servers than my android characters. Cross platform would help so much when it comes time to do major dungeons. As it currently stands there are a lot of times when the server is dead and it takes forever to get enough people for a group.

    • The whispering island

      Cross platform, or even a cross server queue for dungeons and arena. Without it game is so dead all the time in my server

  • Thasumet

    How about a new class, paladin or bard maybe

  • Jimmy Hamilon

    id say a feature to add to the auction house would be a speccific item searh bar so u can see every auction listed for exactly what you need!

    • Whispering island

      You should be able to search for items by typing out its name.

  • Taylor

    ********* Cross platform *********** iOS & android

  • Irshad Decade

    i suggest cross platform n new class, day and night setting for start..

  • Koolguy

    It would be great if we could exchange gold for runes for lottery like how you get gold for runes

  • phil

    does this game work? ive been looking for a new mmo to play, but forums show 0 posts when you browse to them. website seems glitchy. and a lot of people QQing about bugs… i really want to try this. but not willing to spend 1.7 gigs of data without access to a forum to ask questions first. id say a needed improvement to attract prospective new players like myself, is to start with an working/active forum. also if it is auctually glitchy as heck (ya never know… people QQ about every little thing) fix the glitches… stability/functionality and community are vital aspect of any mmo.
    also, is there multibox player support?
    if i blow the 1.7 gigs of data to do initial download, whenever an update comes out, will i typically be redowloading another 1.7ish gigs everytime? or are updates released in a smaller download that will modify the existing apk?
    also olhow much continous data does this game use while playing online? im a trucker, so after im off shift i got nothing to do but sleep, stare at concrete n trucks, or game… so i game about 20+hrs a week.
    thx in advance to anyone that answers these. sorry its posted in wrong spot, but forums appear to be down for days now…… hope to figure this out so i can decide weither to spend the data to download this or not…

  • tknice

    Great game so far.. I would suggest remove the click sound when you press a skill button. It’s so annoying that I play with the sound muted. People spam buttons to be sure they go off as soon as possible.. No one wants to hear click click click click.

    I would add more dungeons and also create objectives that foster world pvp. Guilds fighting guilds and giant battles would be awesome.

    • Jason

      Such as PvP BattleGrounds correct?

      • Pat

        Pvp Battle grounds would be awesome!

  • Jason

    You should ass new PVP BattleGround!!!

  • Jason

    You should add PvP BattleGrounds! Like WoW had Warsong Glutch you should add PVP battleground (12v12) or something.You would have the Order Side (Human,Elf,Mendal) fighting against the Chaos Side (Orcs,Undead).If you guys add battleground everyone will be so happy.All my friends and everyone talk about battlegrounds.So please add battlegrounds everyone wants.

  • Anarchy online

    Litsen to the people Gameloft, you want the game to stay alive for decades, create factions. Order vs chaos. It will be never ending war. Then game is great but at max level there is no much challange. All you have to do is people choose one faction or stay neutral and build two new cities, eternal war and conflict will star on its own and then lvl 70s will stay. Keep greenmont as neutral city.

  • Anarchy online

    Two new cities for each faction.

  • mojo

    PVP battlegrounds and 10man or more raids
    and legit dungeon finder , where it finds people for your group, this would make it more easy to do dg’s

  • Kia

    You should keep your players better informed of when updates are coming, how long they last and more. Stay more on top of your facebook or twitter or better yet, your own friggin website so we can know what’s going on. Also, help out the poor divine monk, they are so weak and it takes them so long to kill and quest in comparison to heavy damage dealers, even the Mili monk is insanely stronger than them. They need a little boost somehow, maybe some heavier damage dealt, or lower cool down time on fire of faith. Idk. The game is amazing, I love it and will continue to play forever; it does need work but you have done amazingly to create an mmorpg such as this available to mobile devices. Good work, keep it up!

  • Enigma

    I wish the game could be made a more skill oriented. As it is atm anyone willing to spend money can be good there isn’t a challenge if you have money.

  • Arkhero

    I love the game, but here’s some ideas that I think could make it better. Aoe looting so we waste less time clicking and more time killing, an improved dungeon finder system so groups can be found faster(possible level scaling too?) Another class would be sweet, and to go with it, the introduction of combat pets. Two different faction cities would also be nice, maybe even give mages a spell to port to them or even open up a group portal. If possible, a third talent tree for classes that could also introduce combat pets and newer spells and abilities. Another small idea would to have separate areas from questing that are MADE for open world combat, maybe even throw pvp based quests in too. Thanks.

    • Bf zndhcndm

      So you want WoW. Go play WoW.

      • arkhero

        I did, but I don’t want WoW, and why does it have to be about WoW? I didn’t even bring it up, you did. I’m just suggesting ideas

  • jordan

    a place were they set dungeons and teams up for you instead of standing for hours trying to find a team >.>

    • jordan

      amazing game though none the less just getting a dungeon team is a pain and im sure many would agree and would love this as an update and and to see a max of 75 or 80 😉

  • zachaballa12

    Ok where should I start. First of all, the game is great. No doubt about it. However, I have some suggestions. First, I would add one or more classes. I know a few of my friends are getting bored with the standard warrior, monk, mage, ranger junk. We dont need new character types, but Mendels? Really? How about a character like a lizard man. Saithions right? That would be cool. Second, there should actually be quests against the other faction. Instead of defending certain areas or whatever from bandits and stuff, we should be fighting the evil vs good battle. (Human,Elf vs Orc Undead). That would make the game. I feel like I’m always fighting demons, lizards, and bulletes too. They just have different names. Some variation in that aspect would be nice. You could also add a way for new players to figure out what in the world is going on in the global chat. Maybe a slang guide or something. I know that you guys still have to make money, but I think I speak for everyone when I say cut back on the runes. It isn’t fair for everybody to have to buy runes for simple things like mount permits and xp boosts. Overall this is still a really good game, and I enjoy it very much, but there is a long way to go in terms of this game being great.

  • Andi

    Cant run the game on my MBP Retina 13″.. In app purchase doesnt work and so i cant login with my char. (Didnt get the free months after purchase -.-)


  • lale

    what about if we could have something like a house or a special box located somewhere to be able to save all the valuable objects

  • Sarah Kerrigan

    Uh, how about remove the PVP zones from in game quests?

  • Saline

    Remove the pay to win system. Currently there are two types of good players.
    1. Players who pay to win
    2. Players who bug gems, dupe money, …

    • Hdgb d

      Stop being useless and become a better player.

  • Good guy

    Game is just great… But you could make a first free transfer to other server, a new pvp arena in greenmont with monster or just a party zone.

  • brandon

    Well there are other issues, i have an ALCATEL AUTHORITY OT-995 Model i believe, issues are: exact pinpoint location on the map of where i am.. kinda a pain taking wrong turns. Then 2nd issue: the menu on the right side of the screen the extra slots area, where you can close and open it, the red arrow that opens it is DIRECTLY next to the map icon (minimap) when opened is difficult to maneuver between it and the slots menu, thus making it harder to close out of the side slots on the right of the screen pretty much ends up with me accidently touching the minimap therefore opens the full map.. then closing it ans then the side slots. MAJOR PAIN DURING UNEXPECTED OR ANTICIPATED BATTLES. I’ve tried to get a hold of Gameloft but they sent me to some home page so I can get that fixed or even asked to get it fixed.. so if any way possible please reply back to me or give Gameloft A heads up because on my opinion I’ve seen other videos on YouTube and their meaning you are perfectly spaced out on my phone I think its just my phones screen size but if it may be possible they may be able to fix it for a tad bit smaller screens where the side slots doesn’t intertwined with the minimap.. if possible please reply back to me if there is any updates or any kind of advice you can help me with this situation. By the way I am NOT the only one. Lol.

  • Vayzeich

    Can you guys like make the number of friends unlimited? It’s kind of annoying having a limited number of friends since a lot of players here got a lot of friends, and we will always be making more, so it is kind of sad when you have to delete someone. Thank you!

  • Mobbin

    this game has a lot of people playing it and yet it lacks any kind of truly “massively” multiplay. I want my 20 and 40 man Raids Gameloft

  • Joel

    First of all, this is really a great game, and I think almost everyone agree on that.

    There are some things I would love to see though! My biggest concerns right now are that there is no keyword search function in AH, which often leads to scrolling through practically a hundred pages to find what you need… By that time your fingers are almost blistered from all the scrolling, and a lot of time goes to something that could’ve been so easy.

    Another thing is the red arrow for skills menu that is so close to the map. I don’t know how many times it has lead to disasters where whole teams die and a lot of time is wasted, because you wanted to click the red arrow but got the map instead. If it would just be moved a little further down towards the center of the right side, it would be perfect!

    Another thing that would be cool is like someone else said, bigger raids on at least 10 or more people. A solution for healing in those situations would be to provide the possibility for players to add maybe one or two extra player health bars (size customizable too maybe?), for example of the main tank, somewhere on the screen. Maybe right above the chat window? Would be awesome!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Krull

      I was about to post the same thing! Thanks

  • ana

    Once a player purchases anything we should be able to give or sell that item to anyone or use it with any of our toons. This is a fun game and I’ve incurred alot of of expenses in the year and a half that I’ve been playing, I dont mind paying for something, but I want to reap the benefits. Please fix and maintain voice chat it is a major draw to the game. You’ve just rolled at the latest update and its very confusing as there is no explanation for anything , you have a good product please make these improvements.

  • Jasonfar

    Make it easier for new level 1 players to understand the game and reach level 70

  • lickedysplits

    Merge the IOS and Android system all on to one server

    • davyne wright

      Yeess thank u some one agrees with me

    • FirePig


  • O&c man

    New class!!!

  • ankou

    More addable friends and that you can make notices to each friend because currently in my case i sometimes really dont know who this person is when i get a message : )

    • Brbfhxus

      Then dont add random people? Its a FRIENDS list… Idiot.

  • Dizzy

    This game is great overall, but a nice thing to add would be the merging of IOS and Android. This would help end the dead zones in certain areas and even across servers. Take away the option for players to buy crafting materials with runes because that just helps them get better gear faster than any other non paying player. An also cool addition would be different factions fighting each other everyone is too peaceful with each other. We need a hard core war waging for us to feel like we are contributing to our own faction. Create some type of item to distinguish our Guild from others like some of equipment. It would also be awesome if capes were actually visible on my back I want to show off my beast Cape to everyone lol

  • Junanyo

    Please expand the abilities for mili monks for survivability. They cannot last long in duels. Also, add a few more classes with several offensive and defensive abilities to last a fight.

  • Drizor

    I suggest for each race a starterzone , maybe a new race and deffinately a new class

  • Drizor

    A new class with transform abilities

  • Drizor

    A hunter class with a fighting pet -,-

  • Better PvP

    Add PvP battle grounds and ‘cross-server queue’ system for arena, so the people can actually find a game instead of waiting in queue for hours and still finding no game. OR maybe a seperate server for both “battle grounds”, &”arena”, so all platforms and all servers can play each other.(you definitely wouldn’t be waiting in queue untill giving up)

  • davyne wright

    Make a new advance classes like death knights

  • Daboss

    Bigger teams for dungeons and more classes
    PS please get ride of dungeon exgaustin

  • A

    Greek, scandinavian japanese medieval egiptian aztec or mayan mithology and angel based cards allow to have all heroes

  • Whippity-fakin-doo-dah

    New race(s) and class(es)

  • mike

    I think there should b a new class to play and that should merge servers or take some away and let people move from free

  • Bob

    Needs bigger team size and lvl 80

  • Bob

    Make it so that you can buy a mount permit for any race with gold. I have so many mounts from trying to force a mount that i cant ride. Even if you made it 5000 gold it would still be worth it in my opinion.

    • Kolby


  • Ethan

    Please give more character slots for free and a new healer and tank class

  • dkdkd

    add solo dungeons for different classes kind of like solo trial but longer and a bit easier and rewarding.

  • Guest

    change the time when exhaust resets .-. make it like every 3 hours

  • Guest

    cross platform is a bad idea their would be so much lag

  • Guest

    Migrate the platforms and add PC App for the game.


    New class please thx team gameloft

  • Jakewar

    I would also like the servers to combine more then anything, and it would be cool to have a Minotaur race with a druid class that can transform into animals and dwarfs with a paladin class.

  • Thasumet

    A druidwouldbe awesome.Either level it as a nature healer or a monster summoner/transformer similar sort of thin with like a necromancer class, sommon/control undead. Spells like leach life to heal you as it kills enemies.
    Need a truly evil vs good class split. Paladin and necro fight off. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.

    I have noticed that sat outside most dungeons is a load of dps ie mage and ranger all desperately waiting for a tank or heal . You need to balance the classes and give some extra half decent tank and healer classes too

  • grant nelson

    I would love to see a system update so it can run on a fire HDX 7.0 other then that it awesome. Thanks gameloft for a true mmo for mobile.

  • Steve

    I would love some new classes like a paladin or even new skill trees to enhance the classes a bit also cross platform between iOS and android users it would make for a lot better pvp/dungeon game play and maybe some more dungeons.

  • tear coast for the win

    Make it so that under realm is lvl 60-70 and frostlund is 70-80 (or you could just add another realm, whatever’s easiest for you), and post somewhere the mount spawn points for at least the level 1 and 2 mounts, for frostlund, I found maps of all the other regions but I have been playing for almost 6 months and there has not been a single epic that spawned in frostlund. Also, I agree that you should be able to purchase other race mount permits, even if they cost a ton. One final thing is that it would be great if you could move the sidebar away from the map, there have been countless times when I went to kill something but died halfway through because I could not get to a potion.

  • Oelven57

    Please, please bring a dwarf race to the game.. They were always my favorite in all other RPGs and especially MMORPGs. A new Chaos race would even it out and I’m sure everyone would be ecstatic to be able to try on a new race! 🙂

  • Slayex

    Make the game less pay to win please. Get money in some other way besides touching gameplay itself

  • Yoyotoast

    Gameloft you should make raids with dungeons that drop new mounts and flying mounts also should be able to make mount with professions like foundry you make mechanical mounts leathering you could make some werid mount and tailoring make like carpets majical clothing mounts and also make like a capture the flag pvp like world of Warcraft and make guild banks and stuff

  • Yoyotoast

    Ya you guys also need to make epic drop chances higher because they are way to low

  • Yoyotoast

    Lastly add new regions and a lot of new mounts like add 40 new mounts hint hint flying ones too I’ll get you started make like flying brooms make dragons make mechianical helicopters that you could craft and make like a dungeon thats in water and make like a fish kinda mount that drops that can swim in water faster and run on last too please add some of my ideas

  • Shawn Martineau

    dwarves and guild banks

  • Yusha

    Increase the players level to 80, add some more class for choice and add the guild war in the game

  • Reznuk

    I agree with the notion that a necromancer/summoner class would be awesome

  • Shadowfap

    here are some thoughts in how to improve the game
    1 – search bar in AH. (As mentioned before)
    2 – upgrade the dungeon finder in a way it Gets kinda usefull.
    3 – add an option for the clicking sound of the skills to turn off or in
    4 – batllegrounds
    5 – personalize HUD, i think it’s a bit messy how you can organize your skills cause to make th e game faster and more competitive the Hud for the skills should be more acessible. Maybe an extra row for the skills (in the 3 circle skill Hud, instead of scrolling down)
    6 -merge IOS with Android servers.
    7 – less pay to win more farm and achieve, easy with the runes. Maybe use the runes only for especial things like (vanity itens, doble XP, more gold, that kind of stuff) and leave the usefull and necessary items for farming and time spending like mounts ( you can still make the primary mounts such as horses, deers and such for races. And new ones for everyone) or other stuff wich are necessary for a player to stand out equally with the rest
    8 – secondary skills complementing the primary skills Like skinning minning etc. I think it’s kinda unfair people with leatherworking can mine ores. It doesnt make sense to me
    9 – factions. And factions Main citys to make the game more competetive.
    10 – the chat box. It’s just waaaaay to big and it should be more acessible and easier to write while playing. Add macros like /global “chat” / team “chat” and lose the emoticons. They are just Annoying.
    11 – new races
    12 – dual spec! So we can do Both PvP and PvE without spending money All the time reseting the skills.
    13 – more quests. It Gets frustrating to level by grinding and some people might get bored.
    This are some thought. Don’t get me wrong. The game is great and it’s a great WoW portable model. But it still needs some fixes to make the game just perfect. Hope you can think about it!
    P.s sorry about my english, it’s not my native language.

  • anonymous

    Add a new bind type for items. One that binds the item to your account instead of just a specific character at pick up. It is incredibly frustrating to pick up an item that would be great for one of your other characters, but it is stuck on a character that can’t use it.

    Improve the crafting system. As it stands now, the only reason to work on it is to make your T3 epic gear at lvl70. It is incredibly rare to find an item that you can craft yourself that isn’t instantly eclipsed by a quest reward or random enemy drop. Also PLEASE do something to help out those who have foundry as their crafting skill! The spawn points can generate one of two minerals and only respawn after 30 minutes or more. Tailoring and leatherworking can easily grind out their craft by killing enemies while foundry has to play a wait and pray game.

    Please put a stop to the Pay to Win feature. It is seriously diheartening to see people buy their way to 70 and full T3 gear. Makes those of us who cant drop several hundred dollars at a time feel relatively useless.

    Fix the exhaustion system. As it is you can do 2.5 full legendary runs before your exhaust is at 100. Meaning if you enter a legendary dungeon a third time you need to quit half way through and leave your team looking for another member.

  • Samso

    Merge the ios and android serwer to one serwer!

  • guest5464342

    -Make the old lvl 60 dungeons into a newer version for the level cap but also keep the level 60 version and make 3 versions for the dungeons

    -auction house search option

    -make dungeon finder also say what level the dungeons are for

    – make it so you can que for multiple dungeons at once but not all the dungeons

    -when i que for random normal dungeon i sometimes get level 30 dungeons when i am level 60 so please make level cap for dungeon

    -black market in dead servers is way cheaper

    -I hate pay to win. i don`t care if subscription is brought back i just want rune stones taken away

    -i don`t like that everything is done on crafting. All of my mages gear is done with crafting (except weapons) I think there should be more epic gear in dungeons (that people without epic gear can do). everyone in the game basically has the same epic gear and this is annoying because those blue drops in dungeons are worthless

    -Please don`t let team leader be able to kick people by them-self. PLEASE make vote to kick in dungeons so that people don`t just get kicked when the boss drops something good. This would be so good

    – Please make it so that people can only roll for gear for there class AND TALENTS this would be so helpful and by saying this I think that you must take away leader allotment

    – Take away epic loot this is so annoying when i look for a group for a dungeon and they make it epic loot it`s very annoying because i just want rare loot

  • Jaime Ashley

    Cross platform, I’m on android, my best gaming friends are on iOS so unless we’re playing wow/guild wars/guild wars 2/etc on pc we can’t play together. I’ve played MANY portable MMOs, O&C is by FAR the best and it would be even better with the merger!

    Also, adding more crafting options(cooking/fishing/weapon crafting/FIRST AID/etc) would be nice as well. Crafting my own armor is great, but it becomes monotonous after a while, never mind the fact that being able to craft my own potions/scrolls/etc would be wonderful!

  • tortakk

    fuck chinese in europe server

  • Johnre Manipol Gabo

    Remove the Waiting queue because it slows the time of players who wants to check their characters quickly. Please remove it.

  • Johnre Manipol Gabo

    I think new race too, like Dwarf.