Heroes of Order & Chaos, as also many games of this kind, is prone to serious problems caused by the players of the game. The seriousness of the problems range variously, and here we are going to talk about a not so serious, rather annoying problem that the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos cause. We are going to talk about leaving and leavers in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Well, it is not a major issue as it doesn’t affect the game in a way that it breaks or glitches because leaving is normal, but a lot of, maybe even the whole community of players don’t agree with it. As it is common, leavers are usually unskilled players or players who start the game badly and then leave, in other words give up because they consider it a lost game and they don’t want to waste their time. But, that is not always the case. People may also leave the game if they were forced by, let’s say, some kind of emergency. Maybe they need to go somewhere and don’t have the time to finish the game. Because there are a lot of players disliking this pattern of behavior many of them asked us to introduce timeouts for people who often leave the game so they would be punished in order to stop quitting games. This seems like a good idea, but we need the opinion of a broader mass of players.

Tell us, would you like to see timeouts for leavers in Heroes of Order & Chaos?

  • Yingyangyao

    That sound like a bad idea I got friends who crash or sometimes I crash when everyone using a spell at the same time I wouldn’t want to be time out because my divice crashed.

  • safire1236

    Get your game working before you punish people because your game doesn’t work

  • Vanessa Yensen

    I agree you have to fix the game first, a lot of times when the game starts the screen goes black or at the middle of the game everything freezes and all you can do is closing the app, you must do a way to return to the game because a lot of times you want to comeback to help your guild but you can’t and worts than that you are punished in the next match for something that is not your fault, I completely disagree with the timeouts because that will break the game flow, if a team is attacking, having an streak or whatever and people timeout the other team would have a chance to regroup or help a teammate in trouble and that would suck a lot, let the game flows, we have enough interruptions with all this lagg you can’t handle, we spent a lot of money in the game, the best you can do is giving us quality servers. And by the way 2 elf skins in less than a month?, yes is one of the must played characters but GAMELOFT there’s others characters too.

  • chyox

    Time-outs for leaving a game seems too harsh regarding all the crashes happening after every update.
    What is needed for this is an improved way of reporting so people who leave matches on a regular basis and achieve a specific amount of reports within a set period of time would receive a punishment.
    People who have only little crashing-issues or have an emergency (emergencies don’t come on a regular basis) wouldn’t be affected by this.
    It’s more urgent in PvP because many people manipulate their rankpoints by bypassing the rankpointloss after a loss/leave.
    Also imho people who have app-crashes and similar issues so often that they fear to be punished for that shouldn’t join PvP in the first place because they are technic-wise not fit for this competitive mode – they significantly lower the chances of their team to win on purpose.
    When I know there are some bugs which influence my chances to lag, crash or freeze I don’t join PvP until it’s fixed.

    • Vanessa Yensen

      Shouldn’t join to the matches?, you sound like a GAMELOFT employe, it’s not the players fault all the bugs and crashes HOC haves, why do we have to live on with this troubles when it’s their job to fix everything, I buy runes on a regular basis and I think at least we deserve a quality game for the money we spent

      • chyox

        If it’s such a bad quality, why do you spend money on it on a regular basis?
        Why should gameloft fix anything when there are enough people like you paying for something they are obviously dissatisfied with anyways? Their profits are raising from quarter to quarter – surely they think they’re doing everything right and don’t need to change their quality.

        My opinion might seem harsh but people who really crash out of a significant amount of games and – although knowing this – join PvP are not very different to people who leave a game by their own will. Both will eventually leave their team in a disadvantage: Being outnumbered. And IF everyone else staying in the match was about equally good being outnumbered would indeed be a disadvantage.

        • Vanessa Yensen

          First I spent money because I can and second I didn’t said it’s a bad quality game, I said and I quote: “We deserve a quality game”, and that’s why I am here because I want a change, things are not going to solve by stoping playing like you said, GAMELOFT will just be happy for having more space on their servers, in case you didn’t saw their last posts they said they apologise about the lagg but it’s players fault for entering on this holidays, they are not offering solutions just alternatives and we deserve better, we don’t want minor patches we want fixes for all the flaws the game have, if we just chill and wait for a better time to play we will turn into sheeps. We don’t want a timeout we want a better experience.

          • chyox

            “because I can” is no legitimation. /You could/ also randomly kill people but you probably don’t. When you end up in prison it’s your own fault and if you overpayed for insufficient quality it’s your own fault as well.

            When you say things like:
            “all the bugs and crashes HOC haves” (btw “has”/”is having”)
            ” ‘We deserve a quality game’ […] I want a change”
            you are implying that right now the quality isn’t good and with:
            “we deserve a quality game for the money we spent”
            you indicate that the quality is not good enough for the money you have spent.

            Additionally I don’t understand why you speak of yourself in plural.

            Please google the term “confirmation bias” and do some reflections on yourself before answering anymore.

          • Vanessa Yensen

            Dude what’s wrong with you?, you sound like a masoquist, I mean you are on GAMELOFT’s side?, you must be retarded or an employee of them, in any case could be the same, and yes I have the money to spend on whatever I like, what other legitimation you need?, you want my credit card number?, because I don’t remember you being my accountant; and what the hell about that killing people bullshit have you been in prison or what?, cause you sound like knowing to much about that, you show signs of been someone’s girlfriend in jail.

            If you live in your wonderland happy world don’t come here and waste people’s time, like you say just wait for a better time to join to the game you sheep, and before telling me what to do, put your name and face on your comments don’t hide behind that ugly chinese nickname.

          • Hibiki

            She is right, many of us are having issues during the game and that doesn’t mean is our fault, most times is the game’s fault because of Incompatibility with the iOS version or bugs with the new updates, timesouts wont fix the real problem that is just a way to telling us they can’t deal with the troubles. We really deserve better updates, not all of us are masoochist like that dude we want a better game.

          • chyox

            I never said that bugs & crashes were the fault of the users.

            You are paying for bad quality and whining for improvements. This is masochistic (the act of putting yourself to suffer and somehow get pleasure out of it).

            In economy you get what you pay for. You don’t complain about a bought Snickers if you don’t like peanuts. I know, analogies are hard to understand for you but please try. Gameloft is known for their insufficient services and slow fixes. You should inform yourself BEFORE spending a ton of money. The kill = prison and pay for insufficient quality = live with insufficient quality also was an analogy.

            Yeah, that I tell you to rethink giving your money to something where you find the quality “not good” clearly indicates I’m on Gameloft’s side. *rolls eyes*

            You are the one discussing yuri (lesbian/homoerotic) anime at another part of this “disqus”-platform so I don’t see why you would do this homophobic comment towards me.

            Only because I have a different opinion you don’t need to talk down to me like that. This doesn’t strengthen your position it makes yourself seem desperate and weak.

            Overall your last post only contained flaming and insults, clearly you ran out of arguments and didn’t look up “confirmation bias”.

            btw chyox is not a chinese word and I don’t like spreading my data and pictures of me in bed through the whole internet.

          • Idiotkiller

            Vanessa, your lack of grammar cracks me up hahah.

          • Idiotkiller

            Also Vanessa putting your Full name and picture on the internet isn’t safe. That is probably why chyox won’t be getting raped later tonight.

  • Lwenhaur

    I always encounter game lagging issue during the game, most of the time my character don’t response to my command at all and sudden force to stop when alliance attack at a same hero. Is better the GM fix the issue first before set timeout for those leaver.

  • SarcastiC

    just like in dota 2 if the player gets disconnected he will be reconnected as soon as he logs in and can continue playing the game. use the same tactics here so leavers will have no choice but to finish the game or wait for the game to end before they can play another game.

  • Tyree Sosa

    I would like y’all to fix the game for the kindle

  • Balduin Berger

    Well i think something like that must be added. But like the other comments say you should focus on bugs first. Sometimes the app crashes or freezes.

  • acadian

    The bone stalker suckks. period. definitely need some game leveling and stop letting the typical boring characters be the op players in the game. evistix is still no match for inquisitor, elfy, pally, or anyone in fact… he suckks!!!!

  • Idiot killer

    I have an idea and I am shocked I have not seen anyone post it. Why not do the opposite? Instead of punishing those that leave. Why not reward those that stay? Without going into detail, if a player leaves just reward the ones that stay, doing so should even out the fight. You can reward through money or just allow AI to assume the role of the 3rd player? There are many creative ideas

    • Idiot killer

      Also, if you are going to punish those that leave, just make sure you do so by not allowing them to play a pvp match for then time that the previous match is on. If that can’t be done, then ban them from pvp for only the average game time of about what…13 min? 30 min depending on map?

  • Nick

    Sometimes player are just force leave by the app crashing.

  • sweetdemise

    Bad idea. Why should I waste my time in a match when my ‘pro’ team members turn out to be a bunch of incompetent idiots who can’t speak English and lack any team working skills.

  • Good only if…

    It’s a good idea but You game kicks me out. I don’t leave I get kicked out because Your app crashes. If you can figure a way to not punish people for your game crashing or not punishing them for an emergency that would be good