Heroes of Order & Chaos One year anniversary update live

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Finally the moment you have been waiting for has arrived! The One year anniversary is here and so is the new anniversary update. Heroes of Order & Chaos has now officially been updated as the One year anniversary update is live and ready for some serious playing time. There are new tablets, new heroes and a lot of other cool things for you to enjoy in. The One year anniversary update is now live on iOS and it will soon be available on Android as well. A lot of new things have been brought into the game and if you want to read about them read our next article where we will give you the full changelog of the new One year anniversary update of Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Some of the things that have been updated are:

1. An extension to custom mode (new basic and advanced settings)

2. New content (new heroes, tablets and many other things)

3. Overall adjustments

You feedback has been very helpful and it certainly helped us make this update even better. This update is coming soon on Android as well. Visit us the next time to read the full One year anniversary Heroes of Order & Chaos update changelog.


  • Nuut

    Please list all change have made after the update. Information is very important in this game.

  • Littleflav

    Yeah I’m getting a big problem sometimes I get into games and like 15-30 seconds in it just glitchy out and crashes when I click onto the game it just goes back to the log in menue :( and I get the ban for it and lose Pvp rank :(

  • LoLsWin

    When for Android? p.s. please fix guervus and arcane mage skills…. thanks.

  • Cj Ducky Wyatt

    Why are the servers still updating on my kindle, but my friends android devices are updated?

    • red4343

      The same for me

  • shemat

    When is the servers going to come back online

  • DankiDyDank

    I play this game religiously on the Kindle what is the problem with the update why is server still down. I gave this game a five stars rating, but with new update servers being down for this long isn’t good for any rational rating. Fix the problem fast I’m missing login bonuses, guild events and more due to this Inconvenience.

    • Cj Ducky Wyatt

      I know exactly what you mean… I pissed I’ve even spent real money on this game. It’s working on all other devices just not kindle.

      • Tyree Sosa

        This some bullshit

    • Tyree Sosa

      So they just said Fuck the kindle