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As the One year anniversary update for Heroes of Order & Chaos is coming, you can expect a lot of new things, and among those new heroes in the game. One of those heroes is Nuutt. And now you have the possibility to know all her skills before she even comes out in the next update. Try to guess her skills (by guess we mean name them and tell us what they do) and if you are right we will tell you her abilities if they are correct. Comment the abilities you think she has in the comments below or go to the official Facebook page of Heroes of Order & Chaos and state your opinion about her abilities in the comments under the picture of Nuutt.

Nuutt Heroes of Order & Chaos Nuutt

  • Vanessa Yensen

    im guessing, slingshot: fires chestnuts, castanea blast: drop a chestnut that damage all enemies around, falcon eyes:warning you when enemies approach to your position, and leaf stroke: shot a wave of leafs that damage and slow enemies

  • Hoc Master

    I guess the first one would be like ; either elf stun, or elf spread shot, second one like hunter piercing shot, third can help u see invisible and increasing its lvl increases range of detection and the ultimate skill will do one ultra damage attack, these guesses are assuming the new character is a fighter, but I think it’s a support and it’s ultimate heals.