We have recently seen many complaints by players reporting a lot of lag. It is very much normal because it is the holiday season and everyone is playing Heroes of Order & Chaos at the same time because they want to play the new update or whatever else has to do with it like rune sale, etc. This is normal so don’t bother much about it because it is perfectly normal and note that it will pass as soon as the large number of players passes and the overcrowding in the game ends. So the conclusion is, don’t worry because it is normal and it will soon be over so all of you can return to normal playing without lag.

Also, we wish you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. We hope the last year was to your liking and be sure that we will be even better in the next year. There were some minor setbacks in 2013, but all is well now and we hope that we will continue on the path of improvement in 2014. We are always working to be better so expect great things out of the following year.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Heroes of Order & Chaos, you can do it here Heroes of Order & Chaos.

  • Marek_Therion

    Lead the way is broken

  • Dom

    I’m not worried. I’m annoyed by the fact that it’s totally not playable and I’ve paid so much for it! Do you know that a Moba game needs very good latency to be successful?? It’s no longer in beta and it has began its gem payment scheme! Nobody expects this to be a donation project whereby we donate and hope it gets better! You’re not battleon.com, you’re gameloft for Christ’s sake. Do a better job. If other companies can afford to rent extra servers for holidays, so can you. So do your job and not make us liable for your finger crossings.

  • lvbubi

    Dont worry about laggs? Are you mention only the laggs? The new update has a new present for us: crashes! It means that you play the game and suddenly the game exit and you get a deserter as a Christmas present. I bet you dont play this game because if you do, you should see that so many people suddenly dissappear when playin games does not matter if its a won or a lost game you can see in the text: xy has left the game. Sometimes 2-3 people crashes once. And I am one of the choosen one. I had 6 crashed matches in a row. Can you belive it? I think not.

  • guest

    Weird… Dota has no lags during Christmas season… No game ive ever played was smooth. Therefore its a general problem at all. Hope this will be fixed sometime.

  • SarcastiC

    “So the conclusion is, don’t worry because it is normal and it will soon be over so all of you can return to normal playing without lag.” – what kind of an explanation is this! are they trying to say that we should stop playing because we are the ones creating the lag?!! they should already know by then that these things happen and they should have taken care of it. This is not NORMAL!

  • safire1236

    I can’t even play because whenever I try to enter it says server down for maintenance and it’s been like that since the update. Fix your game

    • Tyree Sosa

      Same here Kindle fire in its like they not saying nothing about it or trying to fix it

      • safire1236

        Yeah it works on my friends iPad but not on the kindle. I can’t even find it in the store anymore

        • Tyree Sosa

          Did you write the support team

          • Yuzaas

            I did and on the next day I get answer what do you men we can understand you
            .. Looks like they don’t know what lag and delay is… I told the I changed few isp (Internet service provider) and I always lagging…

  • Ryan Wagner

    so the only way to enjoy the mmorpg game is to take out mmo part?

  • Jm

    I’ve played about 5 games, all of them in SOLO Mode, if I try to play with other people in Co-Op, I would rather die than play it, my ping is 5 and running at 700 kb/s download and 250 kb/s upload, do you expect me to pay a lot of money just to play a game that doesn’t even run well even if I use a damn fast internet, and for the record, IT’S ALMOST RAINY SEASON, how could that be holidays, I’m telling you guys I like the game, I fuck the servers