The DPS Warriors have recently been changed, and they are now even better. Check out the changes below that were made to the DPS Warriors and tell us how you feel about them:

1. The DPS mastery is changed in a way that it is reduced from taking 15% extra damage all the time down to 5%.
2. The Martial stance doesn’t take an extra 30% damage now, it is lowered to 10%.
3. The cooldown for the Martial Stance is now only 30 seconds, where once it was 2 minutes.
4. The Martial stance has also been changed to last only 10 seconds, instead of 20 which was before.
5. Courage now has a cooldown of only 2 minutes, were once it was 3 minutes.
6. Courage now heals 60% of your total HP, before it was only 30%.
7. Garrote has now been moved into a second DPS tree which now makes it easier for hybrid and guardian warriors to grab.
8. Execute is now increased from 15% faster auto attack stacked to 45%.
9. Fury Smite has increased damage now, and it has been increased by a lot. You can go up to 10 thousand critical.
10. The Charge cooldown is now 10 seconds and before it was 20 seconds.
11. The Charge range is now increased from 15 meters to 25 meters.
12. The Charge stun is increased from 1 second to 3 seconds.
13. Morale seems to have increased slightly from auto attacks.

We hope you like these changes and if you feel like it, we would appreciate if you leave feedback in the comments below.

  • sangre

    Absolutely love the changes thanks for all the great work!

  • frankie

    ty love em

  • cancerxz

    excellent these changes were necessary, justice is done with this player. otherwise would have gone

  • Drac

    Now dps warrior is playable before they took up to 45% extra damage now it down to 15% i would like to see a change in decapitate so it uses half morale instead of all of it