Should the Paladin be nerfed?

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Lately we have seen a big number of players saying that Paladins should be nerfed in Heroes of Order & Chaos. They listed several reasons, and here are the main ones.

  1. Their rush is overpowered, this is the main reason. It is a 14 meter gap closer, which is huge. You don’t have to target to cast it so you can escape with it too. This alone makes the Paladin a formidable force to reckon with, not to mention with the other things stated below.
  2. Another almost god like thing is the 25 physical defense reduction when you use rush. In that way you can kill literally everybody in just a few seconds. It doesn’t matter if it is a Tank or Monk, they  will die almost instantly.
  3. The main limitation in the Paladins is their mana use because they use a lot of it. But, on the other you don’t need almost any mana to use the ultimate. On level three it costs 0 mana to use it.
  4. When you use the ultimate you basically become immortal for seven seconds. Now, think of these fact and decide it is should, or should not be nerfed.

The points listed above have been the most common complaints that players have stated about the power of the Paladins. If you think that something is not right with this list, or that something is missing from it, be sure to leave feedback and you thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Jono

    No he shouldn’t be nerf, I’ve played with him a few times before, and yes he is deals alot of damage for a tank but later on in the game, he gets taken down REAL fast because many people build him as a fighter

  • Balduin Berger

    I agree with all the points listed above. Pala is too strong early and late game. Early game he deals so much damage and late game he has his ult which makes him, as written in the text, nearly immortal.

  • Hamoodie

    Pala shouldn’t be nerfed he is weak end game and will get taken down by most fighters. He is also very easy to run away from and there are plenty of heros with overpowerd ultimates such as 12b,jombraa,regga,kagex archer pala gets destroyed by a good jombraa or a good aria.

  • Ebular123

    I dont know what kind of ppl are complaining but when I think about heroes that should be nerfed alot of them come to my mind but not Lut.

    1. I dont see any problem with that because of the mana issue lut got, it is not like you can run around like 12b and just spam shield ,boomerang and run like a chicken, that really takes no skill.

    2. “they will die instantly” you ever played the game ? this must be a joke.

    3.make it cost 100 mana.. i dont care

    4. at first you have to reach level 12 (!?) to make it last that long the duration of the first levels is not much you have to time it right. next point about that, you cant tell me that no hero can survive 7seconds against lut. if ppl throwing skills into the shield then they should think about the way they play. and you dont become immortal just immune to skills, kagax gets really immortal maybe you should think about nerfing that or inquisitor also gets imortal when doing his 4hit abillity and sticking to the enemy like glue even if you blink… how about that

    As i said there are other heros that should be nerfed. Lut is a strong hero but only if played.right. make the shield cost some mana I really dont mind but its a joke.

  • Dom

    What Ebular said.

    With the mana issue he has, even with decent items for damage, would need to head back to base for every three heroes killed/assisted, provided there is no chase and there was no need to cast shield and ultimate.

    Also, please be reminded that it’s a fourteen meters gap closer. Meaning to say its a gap closer for both sides. And which other hero can do that? Inquisitor could close 12m provided he blink and glue? So most of the time paladin will be alone without his team mates for at least 1.5s. That’s definitely good enough for him to be melted.

    I’ve seen way too many retarded paladins that rush in to group of five with shield and get killed in less than a second. I’ve seen too many paladins with great items but still can’t kill anything other than creeps. And paladins will definitely farm slower than most heroes without kills due to mana issue.

    Conclusion, it might take less skills to be a good paladin, but it takes judgement and great distinctive item builds. Unlike mr robot chicken with two shields as wings that has nothing else but health points and cool down.