Heroes of Order & Chaos major issues

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Heroes of Order & Chaos is a very popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mobile game and there are a lot of people playing and praising it. Although the reviews are great, like in every game, Heroes of Order & Chaos has some bugs and glitches. Some games have a lot of bugs and glitches, some games don’t have a lot of them, and Heroes of Order & Chaos falls somewhere in between those two categories. The Dev team is lucky to have players like those who play Heroes of Order & Chaos because they always leave feedback and turn attention to what is wrong with the game. In that way the bugs and glitches are constantly being recorded and worked on. This helps the game to be better in every aspect.

The major bugs, glitches and issues the players have reported are the ones you can read below:

-The heroes in the game are not balanced well enough.

-The skill glitch of Vigelos.

-A big number of guild bugs and glitches (this is a major problem and it will be fixed soon).

-The bug that allows the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos to abuse ranked points.

These are the major bugs and issues that the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos have reported. Rest assured that they are being worked on as you read this and that they will be fixed soon.

  • shogundesert

    And the molten skill bug

  • Eldix

    Ok all of these issues have been reported on for months and there hasnt been a single thing done about them, aside from a couple chars being dropped in power. That update, by the way, is what broke the bounce skills so they dont bounce to other targets. And that was what? 3 months ago? More? And even that hasnt been fixed. As i said in an earlier reply, how about you stop posting these senseless tips and guides until you actually play the game yourself. 90% of the guides you post are flat out wrong and anyone who follows them just do horribly in the game. Play your own game before you act like you know how to play. And fix these MAJOR bugs before posting useless shit like lvl1 team fighting and gamblers new skin.