Heroes of Order & Chaos level 1 team fighting

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According to many players of Heroes of Order & Chaos, level 1 team fights are too much of a risk for anyone involved in it, and with that the whole team. There is a possibility that if you don’t team fight correctly your whole team ends up dying and then the other team has an advantage. Also, if your team decided to roam it will leave you with less experience than the other team (unless they are doing the same thing), and you will also farm less and have a lower amount of money.

When you farm, the dying minions will give you a good amount of gold which again gives you a big advantage if you kill a greater number of minions than your opposing team. On the other, although this strategy is hugely effective it is incredibly easy to disrupt. All the things you need to have to stop your enemy from doing that is wards and a basic understanding of the game and the map you are playing on.

But, players opinions differ. If you are in the group of those who don’t agree with the things we stated above, be sure to leave your thought in the comments below. Who knows, you might say something that proves us wrong, so leave a comment with your opinion.

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  • Eldix

    How about you spend less time making these pointless Engrish posts that have no real relevence in the game (obviously from all your other posts youve obviously somehow got the job of writing guides and tips without actually EVER playing the game), and concentrate more on the 100 issues the game and players are having that are going weeks and months without addressing. Hell, your heroes forum has questions from months ago that none of you have addressed. Your rating system is busted as fuck cause apparently you see nothing wrong with a player that has 99% win ratio with over 8000 rating. Quit posting these god awful completely nonsense wrong tips and moderate your game before it runs straight into rock bottom at 500KPH