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If you often play games like Order & Chaos Online, you will see a lot of confusing language. If you are not present in this gaming scene for a long time, the game lingo might confuse you and even drive you away from the game. We won’t let that happen, so here you have the most used terms and phrases in Order & Chaos Online.

AFK means that the player is away from the keyboard, this means that he is inactive or is not responding.
DPS means damage per second, this is used to differentiate some classes or state how much damage per second a character does.
AOE means area of damage, this refers to a skill of a certain character that does area damage, it damages multiple characters.
If you see a player saying he is capped, that means that he hit the maximum for PVP points (1500/1500).
DOT means damage over time, this is applied to skills and attacks that don’t do full damage at once but over time. They don’t damage you for let’s say a 150 health points now, but they distribute the damage to 20 points every 10 seconds for a minute.
If you see an NPC it stands for a non player character, a character that is computer controlled.
To Ninja means to take an item that was intended for your teammate.
To Farm to repeat one thing over and over again  to gain monetary or some other kind of advantage (XP, gold etc.).
PVP means player versus a player and PVE means player versus an Enemy.
To Reset means to reset the dungeons, and to FB Farm means to kill the first boss in the dungeon and reset it after that.
To PUG means Pick up groups, this stands for getting together with random players and doing dungeons.
Waiting for a spawn in called Camping.
If somebody uses the term gank, which is really a flexible term, it usually means to attack a player who is really underpowered (for example a player stands alone and you and five of your teammates jump out and kill him).

Hope this helped clear some confusion.





  • Maria Bello

    there is still alot more to understand in this game that most people who play it don’t. Order and chaos seriously needs a detailed help guide