Order & Chaos Online - NEWS

For all who play Order & Chaos Online on Android, this is the moment you have all been waiting for!

The new PvP – Season 2 Update that went live for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch a few days ago  will go live today on Android!

You can have a lot of fun by defeating your opponents in 2 brand new arenas and a lot more new things have come your way. Enjoy this update now on whatever platform you are playing on.

What is new in this Version, the 2.2.0
• There are two completely new dungeons and new PvP Leaderboards. You can claim weekly rewards, and you also have a chance to get the new S2 armor sets!
• There are a lot of new Achievements you can earn. Collect them all so everyone knows how powerful and skilled you are when it comes to Order & Chaos Online!
• You can saddle up on the new pets, the Mechanical Scorpion, Dragonsoul Beast and the Mechanical Bear. But, note that they must be raised before you can ride them.

The Haradon Challenge has ended today. Those who participated all have a chance to win awesome prizes!

The winners will be selected today, so stay tuned.

There is also a new iOS Rune Pack sale that starts today! Go and get them while the sale lasts! The runes are 50% off!

The sale will start today, on Friday the 27th and it will last until Monday the 30th.

  • ilkin

    Where is update button?

  • Thasumet

    Okay, I have found the new mounts, but can’t catch or buy them. How.do you get them?

  • Syaoronz

    Samsung captivate glide
    Game wont complete 20 mb addon after I update through play store