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Heroes of Order & Chaos Android update

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The latest Heroes of Order & Chaos update is from now on playable on Android! You can come and play as the new heroes in this update and try out the brand new tablets! Be sure to leave some feedback in the comments!

What are some of the new features that are available with this update? Below you can read all about them.

There is a new personal Banner which you can make by using patterns and you can place them in matches.

Also, the Guild System has been improved, now you can expand the scale of the guild, and you can also customize the titles of the three levels of the guild.

The max quantity of the Tablets has been expanded. Now you can expand the cap of tablet quantity up to 40.

A new in-game feature has been created – You will be alerted that a minion’s HP has dropped to a certain amount so that you can finish him off with one single hit.

Two brand new Heroes, Helmm Slagfist – Forge Master (he is a support hero that has a good CC Control and can heal your team) and Aria Eagleheart – Wind Dancer (she is a ranged fighter and attacks with the speed of wind).

There are quite a lot of new Tablets (Tablet of Ghost Step, Tablet of Infectious, Fury Tablet of Incineration, Tablet of Scrying, Tablet of Momentum, Tablet of Frostbite), as well as a lot of bug fixes. We hope you enjoy this update and keep on playing Heroes of Order & Chaos.


  • Andrew

    Bounce effect of Arcane Warrior and Geurvus is not working with the latest update Please fix they are both less effective now

  • Freefalin

    that not fairl because i must pay to buy this hero .. i need gambler and aria..!

  • Freefalin

    yea Andreaw this twice hero not work..

  • goodevil99

    Yeah thats ryt vigelos first skill doesnt boune anymore and goroshia has a god damage even in lvl one damaging half of ur life in first skill… Oh please add a slow effect in arias firstskill with its high damaging skill