Order & Chaos Duels - questions

There have been some reports about a huge glitch in Order & Chaos Duels. It is about an invulnerable minion called “Pyromantin Paitida” (this is the name in the German version of the game). When you combine the field card “Drachen…” which gives it a resurrection with 2hp, and combined with Paitida she becomes invulnerable after she gets killed.
She doesn’t receive the 2hp from the resurrection card because of the anti-magic field and it just revives with 0hp.
After that the card is immune to all attacks by minions and also immune to all kinds of damage that occurs by
some other source…it is immortal.

A lot of players have been reporting this, but be sure that the development is working on it and that it will be fixed and the game will continue on the path of excellence.